Rose Cottage

16th October 2018 by Daniella Quaglia

Mrs Clarke introduced the wonderful garden designer Ula Maria in her journal last week. I had the pleasure of working with Ula on the design of the garden at our home. The process Ula went through was inspiring, full of thought and respect. The result is a garden that fits our lifestyle and the environment perfectly. As an estate agent I understand the importance of both interior spaces and gardens for people looking to buy. Gardens are sometimes underestimated by sellers but when showing people around a home the garden is at the centre of their thoughts.

I asked Ula to describe the garden at Rose Cottage:

“The design for the Rose Cottage is inspired by the nature of the place, surrounding landscape and the lifestyle of its owners:Mr and Mrs Clarke.

At first, the garden surrounding the cottage felt very open. It was important to give it some shelter and frame the breath-taking views out from the key spots of the garden that overlook picturesque Warwickshire countryside.

The approach to the cottage is through the proposed orchard, immersing visitors in the romantic countryside landscape before revealing the Garden Rose Cottage with the Rose Garden right in front of it.

The double kitchen doors open up to the outdoor kitchen bringing the nature into the cottage and vice versa. Equipped with the barbecue, all the essentials required for cooking, and the large family dinning table, it works as an extension of the house. It is surrounded by the kitchen garden, where fresh ingredients and herbs could be grown and foraged.

‘Stargazers’ Lounge’ is located at the very far corner of the garden and although sheltered by the pergola, it overlooks the most beautiful view from the site. It’s designed for you sit back on the large garden sofa in front of the fire pit and enjoy a cup of freshly picked herbal tea from the garden or a chilled G&T.

The last but not least is a refreshing proposition for a natural swimming pond – immersed in plants, while swimming in uninterrupted life enriched water, the aim of the natural swimming pond is to enhance the sense of wellbeing and reconnect with the beautiful countryside natural surroundings.”

Ula Maria


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