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15th April 2020

You can’t talk about the Stamford business scene without first talking to Sarah Sewell, owner

Stamford’s Energy

You can’t talk about the Stamford business scene without first
talking to Sarah Sewell, owner of Energy Clothing Store & Founder
of the amazing little community movement #shopstamford.

Sarah has had Energy since 1996. It all started with one
weeks wages in the bank account, and a unit on Stamford
walk which was kitted out in old pipes from the scrap yard.
She managed to source stock from Fashion Design students
and brands offering sale or return. We like your style Sarah!


What’s the thing you love the most about Stamford?

The community, the people, the buildings and the independent businesses. We all look out for each other!

Any insider local top tips?

I have adventured around the local areas for all of my life, so please do pop in and I’ll be happy to give you a run down of all of them! I guess I would have to say that the vast amount of independent businesses we have in this beautiful town is very rare. They are all worth exploring.

Do you ever need to go into London to do any buying?

I do go buying a lot to London and find the commute so easy! I’ve already bought for A/W, and will be buying for S/S 2021 in August. I can’t wait!

Are you from Stamford?

I’m from a farming family in Rutland. You can’t get me away from the country life! I started my education at Morcott Hall School for girls which is very close to Stamford, after that I went on to study in Leicester. I was very familiar with Stamford as a child so moving here was the natural thing to do. I currently live in Collyweston with my 17 year old son and gorgeous  Cooper.

Where is your favourite place to go for a treat?

I love all the indie bars and restaurants. The Wine Bar boys are both awesome and you get looked after so well – the night always ends with too many baby Guinness’ though. I love Paten & Co (part of the Kneads pubs) and the cosy Tobie Norris. If you’re after amazing people and food then definitely head to Cloisters restaurant.

Energy Stamford

We must let the world know about #SHOPSTAMFORD, fill us in!

One day in November 2018, I was sitting in my shop and was worried the internet was ruining the high street. It was such a worry. As a business I do so much on social media, and realised we needed all to be doing the same under one hashtag. #shopstamford began (which has 126,000 tags so far!)

Window stickers, TV adverts, guide books, social events and some cross promotion later we are where we are today! It’s a lovely reminder to businesses to share other businesses, events and things like our late night Christmas shopping night across Instagram and Facebook. I’ve also set up some social media training so pop me a DM if you’re interested.

What is your ultimate goal with the movement?

The ultimate goal is that all businesses work together and promote each other whilst showing off our dreamy town and what we have to offer. It’s pretty magical already to see what we have achieved. Just walking through town you see the stickers and banners and it gives me a warm feeling.

Energy Stamford

How do you feel about how well it has taken off?

It’s honestly amazing! We’ve been featured in national newspapers and have joined up with the Stamford Endowed School for an added value card: The Stamford Card.

I’m so proud of #SHOPSTAMFORD. I’m so grateful for everyone who is supporting it and believing in it. I work hard on it because I know it makes a difference. We are working alongside some amazing people…Stamford in bloom is one of my favourites!

Thank you so much Sarah! Check out Energy’s feed here.