Home Stories: St Johns House

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7th July 2021

Romantic, historic and incredibly desirable; the Georgian town of Stamford can afford to boast about

Home Stories: St Johns House

Romantic, historic and incredibly desirable; the Georgian town of Stamford can afford to boast about its beauty and culture. The same can be said about the gorgeous St Johns House home nestled on Second Drift in the very desirable Wothorpe area. The Teeman’s (Sara, Andy and kiddly winks) are the masterminds behind this complete renovation. The busy family set out to create a stylish and fun home that was also functional. The successful project is epitomised by the vast open spaces downstairs, where the family can co-exist in the same room but have the freedom to be doing their own thing. Playful design is juxtaposed with period detailing and modern solutions are complimented by nods to the rich history of the building. Anyways, enough about the property and more about the people…

st johns house the teemans

1. What will you miss most about Stamford?

The entrance as you drive into Stamford past Burghley House and The George, with the unspoilt golden brick buildings and THAT bridge over the idyllic meadows. This was our first visual experience of Stamford and we instantly fell in love.

2. What is your favourite part about living in Stamford?

We moved from Singapore, with a brief stop in London when I was expecting my first child so my experience of Stamford has been mostly as a mother. For me, the best thing is the amazing mama community in the area, many of which I have been fortunate to meet through my yoga classes with Mamamove. It’s a great place for families and there’s a sense of innocence and wonder in bringing children up in the area. I have always felt it to be a perfect combination of town and country, it’s so wholesome and feels very safe.

3. What’s your top tip for someone moving here?

Don’t be afraid to chat or reach out to new people at groups or events! Everyone I have met is just lovely, but as someone not from the area it took a little while to form a friendship group, where they can sometimes be already quite established. I am a Northern girl and so in the early days would embrace that side of me and ask people I’d just met for a coffee or playdate or over for brunch. Thankfully most were very obliging!! As a result I built up some incredible friendships and connections.

4. How was your experience with Vicky and Mr and Mrs Clarke?

We found Vicky to be up front and transparent which makes everything so much easier. We were kept updated throughout the whole process and we really felt that she was fully with us on the journey, from staging to sale and beyond. The styling was exceptional and Vicky’s vision and attention to detail allowed our home to be showcased to its full potential. Vicky works hard and gets the results.

We are super grateful for all the support and really commend the Mr and Mrs Clarke model and professionalism.

5. So what’s next for The Teemans?

We have just moved back to the sunny North and are now based in Cheshire! This allows us to be closer to family/grandparents and also Andy’s business partners and team in Bollington. After recently finishing the renovation project on St Johns House prior to our move, we have purchased a beautiful family home that thankfully needs little work.

I am looking forward to adding the personal touch to our new home, without quite so much dust and disruption! Over the next few months plans are to get our eldest Layla settled in a new school and Felix and Harper into nursery so that we can begin to focus on new work projects and explore the area, as well as the nearby peak district. We will miss Stamford, but after more than 15 years away, it feels really nice to come ‘home’.

Stamford will miss you, but from one Sunday Times regional winning area to another, Cheshire will bring lots of memories!

Vicky x

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