Love Together

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12th February 2021

Our homes are the setting for love stories. Those special moments when you move in

Love Together

Our homes are the setting for love stories. Those special moments when you move in with a partner, carry a newly wed over the threshold, welcome your baby into the family and grow old together. Home is where love happens every day. We delve inside some of our lovely clients homes to find out what they love about their home.

Danielle & Ben

queen street

This time of year we love to create a cosy environment at home. Currently, in keeping with the season, and the feeling of cosying up and nesting we’re bringing some of the Danish ‘hygge’ to our days. Think curled up watching a movie or reading. Add to the mix a cup of coffee, a warm croissant and a magazine and that’s our weekend sorted. Home has definitely become a sanctuary.

We have a hand-lettered stationary and gift company called Old English Co. and we can see how our projects shine through in our space. We often switch artwork around in the home depending on our mood. They’re usually inspirational quotes which helps with that sense of warmth and comfort around the home. Light a candle and you’re sorted.

Home is where the heart is, but it’s also where the comfiest things are. We love their home in Stamford.

Hallam & India

arklow road

When things just work it feels right. Be that a home or a relationship. We are obsessed with these two lovely people – Hallam and India. When we spent time at their home in south east London we couldn’t help but feel the love. It may have been because they had just picked up their new puppy and everyone was cooing over the gorgeous bundle of fluff!

We’re feeling the love around here – the design, the people and the puppy.

Arklow Road is looking for someone to share the love.

Jonty & Maddy

endymion road

We had been looking for a long time for just the right flat, but after an endless parade of soulless places, this one immediately struck the right chord. We adored the generous size of each room but the place needed so much love and care.

We love the Scandinavian feel and tones so it was obvious that when it came to doing up the house, our palette would be a mixture of greys, whites and light wood. Because of our architectural and design backgrounds, we could look straight past the years of accumulated grime and shoddy repair jobs to see the potential. After years of saving, we’ve turned a Victorian house into an elegant, grown-up home. It was definitely a passion project which turned into love.

Endymion Road is now looking for it’s new match.

Kate & Warren


How do you relax on an evening?  We must admit, we sometimes find it hard to switch off and wind down. There’s always one more episode to watch on Netflix (whether it’s us or our kids choosing) or endlessly scrolling instagram. We love our home and it’s been the best project by far.

Transparency is key in a relationship, as well as trust and that’s something we’ve injected into our home (physically!) You’ll see plenty of glass and light-filled spaces so that we can feel we’re together at all times. We can be teaching the kids how to cook, pouring a glass of wine and watching the stars dance outside, snuggling up on the sofa (all four of us yes) and still feel like we’re altogether no matter what.

We can’t wait to travel again, but for now our home has been designed and styled to make us want to stay home. It’s working.

Alex & Paul

mr & mrs clarke

To us, home is a feeling. Without love it is just a house.

There have been times in our life where we have lived in homes that were not our ideal aesthetic and that we haven’t considered as our “forever house”, but what has always made the places we have lived a home, is that we have been together and we have been in love. That old adage about “home is where the heart is” is overused but it is true. We are in the process of looking for a short term rental house at the moment, whilst we are renovating a property, and we don’t mind where it is, what it looks like or how many bathrooms there are – because a home is far more than four walls.

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