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20th July 2021

Discovering a like minded independent business is always a joy. With a philosophy of ‘There

Norfolk Natural Living

Discovering a like minded independent business is always a joy. With a philosophy of ‘There is a better way but you just haven’t discovered it yet,’ Bella sets out to give the people mindful and wellness products which help support a sustainable lifestyle.

norfolk natural living

We love: Sustainable, local but also very, very cool.

Not one, but two stores in Holt. You can find Bella’s products in RHS garden stores and online here.

Who: Bella and her mother.

This store is incredible – have you had one before?
Interesting you ask, 2 years ago, before Norfolk Natural Living I didn’t have any retail experience. Since then I’ve managed to bag 2 more shops down the street. One is the perfumery and another is going to be a plant shop – think green conservatory vibes. I actually spotted this space online and asked very nicely to my mum if we could start a shop. Mum came down from Edinburgh and it’s been a dream since.

What a mum! How’s the rest of the community down here?
I’ve found that small conversations are amazing for mental health and they make a big impact. The response has been wonderful. I’m a mum so with a young family to look after the people of Holt have really made it worthwhile. You meet the needs of locals and visitors across all generations as our purpose and products resonate in a way that’s different and relevant. In Holt there is such a sense of discovery.

norfolk natural living norfolk natural living

Since having her first son, Bella looked at her home in a different way – in a protective way let’s say.

Looking at products from a caring perspective gave her a point of difference which is why aromatherapy, natural ingredients and well being is at the core of everything here. 

I found it interesting looking into fragrance and how it can affect your mood. Inevitably, I incorporated natural scents into cleaning products. From remedies to plain essential oils, I make everything from scratch and there’s complete transparency in the traceability of products. The core is bringing joy to everyday life.


noroflk natural living

What do you love about your surroundings?
Bustling community and beautiful town is the short story. I like how there’s not just the same stores and you’ll always find some hidden gems. Holt isn’t mass produced.

What 1 item should all homes have?
It’s like choosing a baby! I’d probably have to say scented vinegar. You can do all sorts with it – clean surfaces, descale kettles, clean windows. People enjoy hearing about our pet products too – why should your home and pets get any less than they deserve?

noroflk n atural living perfumerie

When you discover the perfumery, you’ll notice cabinets from an old chemist and a dresser which Bella actually bought for her own home, but realised it suited this space more. 

Is there anything you think the people of Holt need to know about?
Norfolk Natural Living is in essence; Simple living, everyday products nice enough to leave it out and not hide it away. 

I was thinking homeowners would benefit from using some of the products to freshen bed sheets – giving you the smell of freshly washed cover, or other local scents from Holt. I think it can sell the lifestyle, especially if they aren’t currently local, a lot better.

We’ll leave you with this from Bella, and we fully buy into: “I really believe I can do something different and put my spin on it.”

So, discovering Holt and every space is a journey in itself.


Thanks to Bella for making us feel so at home.

If you, or anyone you know are looking to sell their home in Norfolk, please head here.