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23rd January 2021

It’s a common saying “to live small, you have to think big” but actually, Pocket

Pocket Living

It’s a common saying “to live small, you have to think big” but actually, Pocket Living have kind of proven otherwise. It doesn’t need to be fancy, or overcompensated with design features; home just need to feel homely.

Arklow Road

Hallam, India, hi! So tell us, where abouts in your home are you now?

India: We’re both at the dining table. I used to work in the bedroom whilst Hallam was in here, but our new armchair is a bit too comfy.

Hallam: Now we’re working from home we’ve realised just how multi-functional it is!

How long have you been living here?

Hallam: It’s been nearly 3 years!? Initially we weren’t looking to buy but here we are. And we love it.

India: I can’t remember exactly where I saw it advertised but it was probably social media. It felt a bit like a sign. We were living with my parents at the time in Lewisham so we know the area super well.

We all have our own set of requirements when searching for the perfect home. What were yours?

India: We just wanted a space to call our own. We wanted a space where we can keep a clear mind whilst being in the city. There’s no space for mess here, it’s great!

Hallam: It was really interesting looking at Pocket Living’s requirements also. You have be a first time buyer, you need to live or work in the borough of Lewisham and earn a certain income. Thankfully we fit the criteria. So here we are.

India: We didn’t want anywhere which felt cold. This is a period refurbishment so it’s got the character and certain quirks that we love.


Did you have any reservations when looking at pocket homes?

India: I guess the fact we bought it off plan…kind of. We managed to sneak a peek of our flat by talking to the workmen during the last stages of the building work and as soon as we walked through we knew it would be perfect for us.

Hallam: We actually went to leave and walked past our flat which was nearly finished. India asked nicely if we could go inside and they said yes!

India: The ceilings were a lot higher and it was nice to see it as a blank canvas. We knew we made the right decision. We managed to fit all of our stuff in and even bought some more once we moved in.

Hallam: It’s really quite spacious. We have all the usual suspects like a double bed, sofa, TV stand and dining table. I’ve even made new bits to add onto the kitchen and of course our built in wardrobe. 

What’s your favourite part?

Hallam: We wake up and everything just works. It’s cosy and comfy here. Oh! The communal gardens and bike storage too.

India: We’re looking at Victorian terraces which need a bit of work doing. It’ll be an exciting project but Hallam’s going to have to take the lead. I’m relishing the hot water, the working kitchen and just being able to relax after work.

arklow road

It’s true – everything works perfectly. These apartments are constructed to the highest quality and they are arranged in the most space conscious way. It has big soul.

Check out Arklow Road – it’s well designed and well-loved, as you can tell.