Styling Service

[Hemmablind] – that feeling where you follow the same routine day in day out. It could be that you walk on the same rug, you serve food from the same plates, you stare at the same furniture so long that you cease to see it for what it is anymore. We don’t want to feel hemmablind, nor do we want our clients to associate their home with this feeling. We believe that people feel better in places where they can be inspired, and we believe that by styling the homes that we advertise, we can create an environment people can imagine living in.

Our job at Mr & Mrs Clarke is to showcase properties in a beautiful way and tell the story of what it is like to live there. We have an appreciation for design and we apply this emotional and aesthetic sensitivity when creating the perfect advert. This has been overlooked by estate agents forever – at Mr & Mrs Clarke we know that by creating an advert that portrays the life someone will lead in a home is important to buyers and tenants, and helps our clients achieve their goals.

We carefully consider who will want to live in a home and style rooms accordingly. “We live in a design led culture where people are interested in aesthetics, interior design and architecture,” explains Alex Clarke, Head of Styling at Mr & Mrs Clarke. “Estate Agents have focused on square footage, price, numbers and have not changed with the customer. Those factors are only part of the thought process when people are looking for a home. We make it a more soulful process and we positively disrupt the usual way British people have previously bought property.”

One of the founding principles of Mr & Mrs Clarke was to advertise homes in a beautiful way. We have collaborated with a roster of talented interior designers, architects, stylists, florists and retailers to showcase the homes we advertise as unique and enticing – just as they would appear in a glossy magazine.

Everyone has different desires when looking for a new home; it may be the way a kitchen is shaped to allow the whole family to be together or it may be the connection the house has with the lush garden. When we advertise a home it’s not just about decluttering – it’s about accentuating personality and showcasing the character. The considered curation of beautiful pieces, props, flowers, food, people and furniture can breathe a fresh life into a home and inspire people to come and view. 

We enjoy working with independent store owners, florists, artisans, large retailers, designers and stylists around the country to showcase their beautiful products to help our homes look inspiring. If you want to collaborate then get in touch with us at [email protected], or DM us at @theclarkeshouse