Summer Thinking

13th July 2017 by Daniella Quaglia

Heading off on the annual summer holiday is meant to be a relaxing experience – a week or two spent unwinding and enjoying foreign customs, wine and topping up the tan. For me however, it always ends up being a fortnight of thinking, planning and plotting. The books I read seem to motivate me, I have a handful of magazines that are full of ideas and I end up concocting a plan for my return to England. Three years ago I came home having set up Mr & Ms Clarke Estate Agency, two years ago I came home having booked myself into the France Ironman, (last year I did the Ironman and didn’t have time to breath let alone plan), this year it is “where should we move to?” A holiday in France got me inspired to sell up and move to pastures new.

Where? We don’t know. When? ASAP.

Although most commentators and estate agents say summer is the quietest time in the property market, I think that there are lots of people like me who use the summer to think about what they will do in the Autumn. We know that putting your house on the market should be done in a slow and purposeful manner. A little painting, garden preparation, getting paperwork in order, photographing whilst the sun is shining and preparing particulars in a methodical and creative way.

Enjoy your holidays and give us a call when you return.

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