The role of tradition and craft in design is so important. We love salvaging pieces of furniture that hold stories and bring alive those memories once again. Vintage finds add an element of curiosity which will always be relevant.

It’s important that we all feel at home, as well as having our private spaces. This snug at Great William Street acts as a hide out whatever the weather. Subtle blush tones of furniture paired with more industrial looking items give the space a well-rounded cosy vibe. From local antique furniture, to our other favourite independent stores; we’ve put together these lovely products to balance old and new.

Rich woods and brass give a warm colour palette that will work with any neutral background. Don’t be scared to be pattern forward though. Finer detailing against bold, striking prints entices a modern element to create a contemporary, stylish home.

1/ Jugs and Pitcher by Goods  |  £20-25

2/ Picasso lithograph by Lassco  |  £195

3/ Desk lamp by Hatton & Harding  |  £195

4/ Vintage record cabinet by fifty sixty furniture  |  £295

5/ Huaras rug by Christopher Farr Design  |  POA

6/ Armchair (The Charlecote) by Bonds Lifestyle  |  POA

Tenderly reorder your private space and you’ll come across surprises that will give you a warm welcome once again. If you have a piece of furniture you treasure but need to show it some more TLC, then we can definitely recommend Kenilworth Upholstery. You don’t have to compromise on quality, and we’re sure you’ll once again be pleased to use it again.

If you’d like to join us in uncovering the layers of history hidden in Great William Street’s home, join us on a viewing! Just complete the form next to here.


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