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1st May 2020

Paris Essex: Tricot chic from Fashion Street Our man in East London Christian Eldershaw has

The Cockney Parisienne

Paris Essex: Tricot chic from Fashion Street

Our man in East London Christian Eldershaw has formed an unlikely
bond with Carolyn Clewer & Tiphaine de Lussy of Paris Essex
through their shared love of architecture and craft.

Christian has helped Tiphaine sell two of her homes, during which
they discovered that the estate agent and artist share a love of
Keeling House – it came as no surprise to us that Cockney Parisienne
has owned two Brinkworth homes – the designers of the loft we are selling on Underwood Street.

Tiphaine is a proud resident of Bethnal Green,
where we have sold three houses in the last 6 months; here is her edit of her essential places to eat, drink and shop.

What makes E2 such a great postcode?

Short answer: It has everything you need.

Longer answer: It’s both peaceful and vibrant. The friendly and broad community allows for making lots of friends paired with lush parks and canals you can run around…there’s not much else you need to keep a happy mind. There are great cafes and restaurants every street you walk down, but if you wanted to get to town you can catch a bus in no time! I just love the fact I’m so close to Columbia Road Market AND Spitalfields AND Shoreditch…it’s great for both business and pleasure.

What is your favourite building in the postcode you reside in?

Keeling House [by Denys Lasdun] that I can see from my flat!

Okay now onto foodie bits… Where does the best coffee?

I know this! ☕️The Common on Old Bethnal Green Road or Ozone on Emma Street.

What about your favourite restaurants?

My top three have to be: Brawn on Columbia Road, Morito on Hackney Road & The Laughing Heart.

What local businesses do you regularly use?
  • I pick my fruit & veg up from Fresh Bazaar on Bethnal Green
  • Pavilion Bakery on Broadway Market (Sourdough bread and best turmeric buns!)
  • Organigo organic shop on Broadway Market
  • Mini Market convenience store has saved the day a few times [40 Hackney Road]
  • Fin and Flounder fishmongers on broadway market
  • and I can’t not mention Bagel Shop on Brick Lane!
  • If we’re talking clothing then; Dandy Star, W A Green & Sneaker Stuff.


Dreamy decorations

A pop of personality

If I have 30 minutes to kill I A) Walk along the Canal B) Have a quick whizz through Beyond Retro – I also Hunky Dory and Here After on Brick Lane C) Visit The Childhood Museum…depending on my mood & the weather!

Tiphaine, Paris Essex

Thank you Tiphaine – we can’t wait to get exploring around E2!

Be sure to follow @parisessex for all things bright and beautiful, and have a browse on their delightful website here.

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