Thirteen Bakers

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What: a cozy craft bakery with speciality bread, delicious coffee, baked goodies and a cool vibe.

Where: tucked away on a back street in historic Warwick.

We love: that these clever bakers don’t just knock out superb sourdough – oh no. They also stock an assortment of homewares, kitchen bits and yummy treats for the most discerning larder.

We ordered: 2 flat whites and 2 cinnamon buns (we are going back for everything else!)

Now that we know Thirteen is here we won’t be drinking our coffee anywhere else. This is an intimate cafe for locals or for lucky people who stumble across it. When you are sitting in the window seat, with coffee in hand and crumbs on chin, there is an air of smugness that you have found something special in a spot you wouldn’t expect to find it in. The centre of Warwick has the ubiquitous names. But behind the scenes there is a band of artisans plying their trade and serving up wonderful wares for discerning locals. Thirteen Bakers is at the epicentre of this back street revolution.

The owner is what you hope for when you need a caffeine fix and loaf of spelt sough dough – a mix of affable charm and a passion fo his art. You are greeted with a nod that says “you’ve finally found us. Come on in”.

Next time you are in Warwick make the effort to walk past the same old coffee shop and head to Thirteenbakers.

Instagram: @thirteenbakers

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