A coffee with Jan

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18th July 2021

If you’ve been to the Brighton design studio then you’ll probably associate Jan with either

A coffee with Jan

If you’ve been to the Brighton design studio then you’ll probably associate Jan with either cycling gear from his morning commute over Ditchling Beacon, or bright coloured jumpers, but he’s always tapping away at his keyboard. Jan brings our ideas, homes, journals etc to life. Learn more about this family member’s faves…

Strictly Business

First and foremost why did you choose to work with Mr and Mrs Clarke?
I first started working with them from day 1. I met Paul and Alex in one of the cracking pubs in Ditchling where we both used to live, coincidentally they had a meeting scheduled the next day at our studio to discuss branding – we didn’t make the connection until they arrived to meet the our design agency. We have worked with a lot of estate agents, and Mr and Mrs Clarke were the first we had come across who were genuinely different – and they are lovely people, so we all went into business together.

Favourite type of property?
I love Soviet brutalist architecture. Hotel Forum on the river in Krakow, if I could have that as a place to live in I would be in my aesthetic happy place – but we don’t get a lot of that on the South Coast. We bought an Edwardian seaside town house in Worthing at the start of lockdown which has been our renovation project, and it’s beautiful.

Your Mr and Mrs Clarke highlight so far?
I think it would have to be our first partner day – sadly lockdown has put these on a hiatus, but all getting together to talk about where we’re going, share knowledge, and experiences, gives good fuel for ideas.

Where’s your favourite city?
It would have to be Berlin. It’s one of those cities that has so much going on under the surface, with lots to keep your creative mind busy.

A little more personal…

Tea or Coffee?

Early bird or night owl?
I suppose I used to be a night owl, but with a sensible bed time. Now I’m a parent it’s very much early bird.

What 3 items would I always find in your fridge?
Sriracha, dill pickles, and lots of butter!

What was your first job?
I worked as a CAD technician for an architectural practice whilst studying for my A-Levels. That was really interesting to see how buildings go together.

Last series you binge-watched?
Parks and Recreation.

Which website do you visit the most?
Probably Mr and Mrs Clarke as we’re always working on it to see how we can make it better – but when it’s not for business I’m spending way too much time on Pinterest, or Screwfix! A weekend’s DIY project isn’t complete until you’ve had your third trip to click and collect.