A Working Space

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9th February 2021

To reinvent the home as a work space is something that isn’t too unfamiliar in

A Working Space

To reinvent the home as a work space is something that isn’t too unfamiliar in the world.
History tells us you either owned a shop and lived above it, a farmer in the farmhouse,
a writer in the library, a craft maker in the workshop etc.

Now that the commute to the sofa is the norm, it’s important to de-clutter your brain.
Even the kitchen table can be busy with leftovers and home schooling.
Here’s some tips on how to create a place to work. Harmoniously.

I have a morning ritual: I make myself a coffee and sit in the sun to catch up on a bit of leisure reading (not the news), jot down a few thoughts in my journal, do a quick meditation or just enjoy some peace.



Dress code

Sure trackie bums on the bottom half and shirt on top is comfy, but we once heard “dress for the job you want”. So instead of casual Fridays, why not make it dress-up Fridays?

We’ve really enjoyed reading What is the best colour to wear on Zoom and apparently it’s not black. A Harvard study found wearing neutral colours will make you appear more “authentic” and “trustworthy,” and more like an “expert”. Anyways, this month we are trialing business on top & party on the bottom.

Carve out time

Don’t be frightened by chiselling out some time for certain tasks. In a world of instant messaging you can feel guilty for not getting back to people quickly.

Definitely leave space for flexibility. A lunchtime walk doesn’t always have to start at midday. What if it’s raining!? Same goes to snack time or coffee breaks. Routine is key, but listening to your body and being kind to yourself is vital.

get creative wedesign homes

Your Set up

The trend for garden studios is growing as a way of adding living space and kicking other inhabitants out of the house every day to work rather than watch them tap away at his computer in his pyjamas.

As patterns of modern life are changing, we’re seeing a strong trend towards multifunctional spaces and less of the traditional separations. Garden offices are a great investment as they can become a music room (if sound proofed well enough), a library or a hideout for children. We’re loving this one by Paul Archer Design (© Andy Stagg)

I also try to clock off from work at the same time every day. And don’t feel guilty for the unproductive moments, because they help prepare for the action.

Daniella, Marketing Manager

weekend cooking

a little treat to keep you excited through the working week

Ideally you should love where you work, and even if you do, it’s very normal to look forward to the weekends. Now, there’s more online events than ever. We’ve tried our hand at live cooking classes, murder mysteries and even drag live drawing (we’ve never laughed so much in our lives) and even if you’re sick of your laptop, you can find enjoyment in things you didn’t have time for before.

Why not try that new recipe? A new arts & crafts? Growing your own plant jungle?

always stay somewhat in holiday mode

We often hear the encouraging words “live life to the full” but with the idea of travelling being a distant dream, it can be hard to find different ways to explore. Travel to your hearts content around your neighbourhood – there’s plenty of undiscovered things everyday. Adventure doesn’t have to be miles away, and you can find beauty in the mundane. Pick a point on a map and try cover as much ground as possible to get from A to B (treat yourself to a taekaway coffee en route!)

2020 was supposed to be Mr & Mrs Clarke’s Amalfi Coast road trip, so recently we visited Italy virtually. All you need is Youtube, some pizza, some fine wine and a good old Spotify playlist. We’ll try different date nights.

brighton get creative

Get creative

We mentioned arts & crafts earlier, and to be honest, it can pose quite daunting when you’re having to conjure up the energy to stop procrastinating and start creating. That’s where Youtube comes in. You can basically learn anything on there from baking a decent tasting gluten free vegan cake to sowing your spices properly. Taking time out to learn new things and explore hobbies is so important when trying to keep positive.

Try doing a virtual sketchbook club, starting a book club or even creating a communal Spotify playlist so you don’t feel alone.

When I’m home schooling, I have my Instagram notifications turned off. Now it makes the times that I do log on to work more positive.


The #WFH dream homes…

an architects studio in harringay

a bright desk set up in solihull

a charming office in lapworth

a comfy view in moreton paddox