California Boho

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5th February 2020

Our Stamford & Rutland Partner, Vicky Floros, co-styled this gorgeous California home and created a

California Boho

Our Stamford & Rutland Partner, Vicky Floros, co-styled this gorgeous California home and created a sophisticated boho chic vibe throughout. We asked Vicky for some tips on how to create this sort of look in our homes.

The very essence of boho chic is laid back. A mix of eclectic and unconventional fabrics, art pieces and furniture that represent ones own personal style.

Vicky Floros

So here it is “How to style the boho chic way when lots of colour isn’t your bag”.

In a way, the boho chic aesthetic is very much a display and collection of a persons narrative, their life journey. It is often a collection of vintage artefacts picked up on travels and sentimental heirlooms accented with new age and abstract artwork. That is why there are really no rules when it comes to this sort of interior styling, other than perhaps to express yourself in a relaxed and natural way.

While generally, the idea is ‘more is more’ and vibrant colours are very much a part of this particular style, it doesn’t necessarily have to be full of bright reds and oranges. For some people a bunch of bright and bold colour just isn’t their cup of tea, but the boho vibe is, here you can see how an all white or muted palette can be brought to boho chic life with a mash up of patterns and textures. This home is a great example of how to keep your boho space sophisticated.

There does have to be a bit of a pop somewhere, and you can do this with a lovely piece of art and as many plants as you can possibly handle.

Earthy and jewelled tones ground us, as well as natural materials like wood and rattan, so these are a must throughout, use them abundantly. Ambient lighting is always preferred; candles when you can, and succulents cradled within various shaped vases are a great addition with an elegant touch. Lean your artwork instead of hanging it. Accessorise your gorgeous natural table with several jugs or vases. Add throws when and where you can. Remember it’s a self expressive design movement, it should represent you and tell your life’s unique story.

Top tip: Tribal printed cushions and rugs are synonymous with boho chic design, add these wherever and however you can.

Vicky Floros

rustic table with soft furnishings boho living room

If you are looking to STYLE & sell your home In STAMFORD & RUTLAND, contact our amazing Partner VICKY on 07889 666 463 or ping HER an email [email protected]