Cheers to that!

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19th July 2021

Mr and Mrs Clarke has spent the last 17 months reflecting on the little (and

Cheers to that!

Mr and Mrs Clarke has spent the last 17 months reflecting on the little (and big) things in life that matter. Now, as we are able to more freely join together and celebrate the summer, we’re asking our team what they’re looking forward to on the horizon and, of course, what their tipple of choice is to celebrate with. In true MMC style, its all about people and places, plus a few delicious drinks to toast with friends and family. There’s no place like home and home is what you make of it.

Alix Brown

alix brown mr and mrs clarke

Partner, Northamptonshire

“I’m getting married in September, so the lifting of restrictions means that our wedding will happen after 18 months of postponement. The ceremony and reception will be held in Stamford & Rutland.

“My tipple of choice? It has to be Langton Brewery, where I recently brewed my own beer. Nothing tastes as good as hand crafted.”

Agnes Ganichaud

cambridge cocktails

Partner, Cambridge

“I am raising a glass to being able to travel and reunite with my faraway family and friends; to hugging and kissing and touching people. To freedom.

“To celebrate this, it would have to be a glass of Prosecco, closely followed by Gin & Tonic, with our own local Cambridge gin, which you can order at almost every bar and in town. My favourite of which is Novi! When the weather is warm they open the whole front window to create a terrace; it’s a great place to sip a drink while watching the world go by.”

Clare Towl

cornwall clare towl

Property Consultant, Cornwall

“I am looking forward to supporting local businesses that I know have been struggling to get back to normality. To see them thriving again will be wonderful.

“I’m also excited for those people that haven’t had the opportunity to take a break or spend time with the family and will now have some flexibility to do so.

“On a personal note, I’m looking forward to a family wedding that has been postponed three times over the last year, this can now go ahead in August which is super news! I’ll be toasting that with a nice cold glass of Champagne or Cornish wine!”

Emma Da Silva

stratford upon avon rsc

Partner, Stratford-upon-Avon

“I can’t wait to see a performance of Phillip Breen’s The Comedy of Errors at the new Garden Theatre at the RSC in Stratford-upon-Avon.

“The Garden theatre is a temporary outdoor performance space in the Swan Gardens, with outdoor seating for up to 500 people and great views all round. I’d follow this with drinks with friends on the Rosé Terrace at The Phoenix, sitting under the palm trees, enjoying the cool vibe. Of course, it’d have to be a glass or two of Prosecco Rosé while there.”

Daniella Quaglia

pizza ooni evenings

Marketing Manager

“I’ll be raising a glass to all of those ‘when lockdown ends we must…’ activities that we can now start to enjoy. I’m presuming everyone has a list of their own, right?! I’m lucky to have a tight knit group of friends and family close by; our garden, coffee and pizza dates usually conjure up conversations like “have you been to this museum?” and “we must go to [a cute village we’ve never been to]”. I can’t wait to do all of the exploring!

“Iced coffee in hand, I’m excited to explore again.”

Debra Tuck

debra tuck cheers

Talent Acquisition

“Like many, I’m looking forward to spending some time with all my family, the main driver for our recent house move was to be closer to them all. I have three siblings and lots of nieces and nephews and most of us celebrate birthdays this summer, so I’ll be cracking open the Champers, preferably my favourite pink Cornish Camel Valley [my contribution for this journal].”

Paul & Alex Clarke

mr and mrs clarke

Mr and Mrs Clarke

“We’re looking forward to entertaining our friends at our house. We’ve missed the buzz when we have our nearest and dearest chatting, laughing and eating together. It will be a big barbecue with kids running around the garden, corks being popped and some good chaos.

“Our summer drinks menu is mainly rose. There is nothing better than a chilled glass of something pale pink, French and delicious!”

Jade Scott

jade scott tablescape

The Wordsmith

“Big groups of friends from all across the country, gathered together around a table, sharing delicious food and laughing until our sides hurt. The splendour of spontaneity is something I will forever cherish, and I’m looking forward to random acts and road trips.

“I’ll be raising a glass of Nyetimber, my absolute favourite sparkling British wine. For those local to me [in Coventry] I implore you all to visit The Green Dragon on Spon Street, the wine, gin and beer selection is epic and the food – chef’s kiss!”

Christian Eldershaw

christian eldershaw mr and mrs clarke

Partner, Hackney & Haringey

“In August I’ll be heading to Houghton Music and Arts festival.

“My tipple of choice has got to be a No-Groni. If you haven’t tried it, you’re missing out; bold and bittersweet, it’s delicious.”

Mike Watkins

mike watkins

Partner, Cardiff & Newport

“Be able to more easily support local businesses means a great deal to me. I look forward to getting back to that to mix up my busy days of house viewings, which can add up to 18 viewings a day (this actually happened).

“Once the viewings are complete and everyone is happy, you’ll probably find me at The Pod in Newport. I’ll be ordering a Dark and Stormy made by Jan, the resident mixologist.”

Kara Flynn

kara warwick camping

Partner, Warwick & Leamington

“I’m going camping to Cornwall (Clare’s neck of the woods) with friends, whom I’ve really missed catching up with. Wish me luck though, I’ve never camped before – not even a single night! Any advice?

“I also looking forward to seeing all local shops, bars and restaurants in Warwick and Leamington Spa get back to normal. 

“Although I love my wine I’m currently enjoying my favourite summer drink, Gin & Tonic.” 

David Lowes

david lowes stiffkey

Partner, Norfolk

“Football is nothing without its fans, so there is one community I’m really looking forward to seeing and even more so HEARING and that’s our fans at Lincoln City F.C.

The other key match day ingredient is a pint of best bitter.”

Vicky Floros

vicky floros freddo cappucino

Partner, Stamford & Rutland

“I will be counting down the seconds for my mom, sister and nieces to visit from Canada, I haven’t seen them in nearly two years! They have never been to Stamford or Rutland before, so I can’t wait to show them all my favourite haunts.

“Drinks in hand will be Freddo Cappuccinos (a Greek iced coffee drink) each sunny morning and our sundowners will undoubtedly be enjoyed with lots of pink fizz.”

Edd Holt

edd travelling

Partner, Coventry & Kenilworth

“I’m so happy for all of the local businesses that have been struggling during these crazy times, who can get back to business with no restrictions. The Virgin & Castle in Old Town Kenilworth is a fave for me.

“Personally, I love the countryside and frequent the Farmers Fayre in Stoneleigh Park as the dog walks there are great, plus you can grab a coffee before heading home.

“Travelling is definitely on the horizon; I am hopefully off to Malta next week and with the ski season being written off last year, I have already put a deposit down to go skiing in January 2022.”

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