A coffee with Ben

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17th February 2021

If you don’t already know Ben then we’re pretty sure you’ll get a pretty good

A coffee with Ben

If you don’t already know Ben then we’re pretty sure you’ll get a pretty good idea of just how much of a Midlands lad he is from these quick fire questions.

Strictly Business

First and foremost why did you choose to partner with Mr and Mrs Clarke?
Having sold my share of another brand-led, forward-thinking property business, I wasn’t even looking for a route back into the industry at the time, and I certainly wasn’t looking for “just a job”. I already knew Paul and I knew the business and when I knew about the Partner model. It was clear it would suit me and my strengths, provide support with my weaknesses and give me access to the tools needed to grow a really impactful regional presence, under a national and established brand.

Favourite type of property?
A spacious, clean and modern twist inside a period beauty.

Your Mr and Mrs Clarke highlight so far?
Selling a 7 figure home to someone who didn’t even know they really wanted to move (turns out they really did!) and, in doing so, also selling theirs off-market to a lovely family who’d had some woeful property luck and deserved a break.

Other than lovely Solihull, what is your favourite city?
I have to say Birmingham. I’m an adopted Brummie. I moved there in 2002 post-uni and travels. The city has evolved into a true destination city, as well as a friendly and inviting one. It’s far more aesthetically pleasing than many will ever give it credit for.

A little more personal…

Tea or Coffee?
It was always and only ever tea, until I started intermittent fasting for the health benefits during Lockdown 1, and now a couple of black coffees get me through my mornings.

Early bird or night owl?
Night owl all day (night) long.

What 3 items would I always find in your fridge?
Nyetimber, grapes, Lashfords sausages.

What was your first job?
In the local chippy in Kenilworth on £1.20 per hour – rising to £1.40 when I was trained on the kebab machine.

Last series you binge-watched?

Which website do you visit the most?
I should probably say some uber-stylish, magazine-worthy-property site, but in reality it’s a news aggregator page…specifically for info on Coventry City. You can take the boy out of Cov…