Coffee with Vicky

We were excited for this morning chat. Vicky is always so inspired, full of ideas and tips. Our conversations usually always end up with us sharing our newest homeware purchases and reviewing them. Here's how our quick fire round went with our Stamford & Rutland Partner...

Strictly Business

First and foremost why did you choose to partner with Mr and Mrs Clarke?
There’s two things really. Flexibility of work, especially as I have a little one (although she’s growing quick!) Secondly, their approach to styling and selling homes matches up with mine.

Favourite type of property?
I’m always dreaming of American farmhouses, you know the ranch style ones with a wrap around porch.

Your Mr and Mrs Clarke highlight so far?
Getting to know some of the partners is up there. There’s room for collaboration and I learn something new every time I speak to them.

Other than the lovely Stamford & Rutland what is your favourite town/city?
Athens, New York, Paris, Salzburg. I cannot choose!

A little more personal…

Tea or Coffee?
You’re talking to a coffee addict.

Early bird or night owl?
Early bird. It’s actually my choice.

What 3 items would I always find in your fridge?
Cheese, fizz & lemons.

What was your first job?
Retail. Need I say more.

Last series you binge-watched?
Very late to the party… I nearly completed Game of Thrones over the Christmas holidays!

Which website do you visit the most?
Pinterest & Rightmove in equal measures.

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