Creating Style

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26th November 2019

There is nothing like a first impression, we all know this, so why would it

Creating Style

There is nothing like a first impression, we all know this, so why would it be any different when advertising your home?

The proof is in the pudding

“Home staging is the best way to make your home as attractive as possible to potential buyers”, says Vicky Floros, our Stamford & Rutland Partner. Being an interior designer, stylist and property developer, Vicky has had lots of real life experience in this sort of thing.  Zoopla’s latest figures say that for every pound you spend on staging a property, you’ll see a return of between £5 – £7.  That’s an impressive return on your investment and proves that staged homes presented to market will sell for more!

Who is it for?

Interior styling can help in every market. When movement is slow it will help clinch the sale and when things are more buoyant, a well presented home will very likely get you more than asking.  Rather than reducing the price, which seems to be the go-to for many, as advised by their agents, you should look at getting your home into tip-top shape instead.

It is not only for a seller either, a landlord I recently worked with on a multiple tenanted home, let each room in the house within a couple of weeks and for top rental value. By creating a space that is inviting and aspirational with the use of furniture, artwork and a lick of paint, it is easy for potential tenants to see themselves and their families living there and that instantly sets the property apart from most of the others.

What can you do?

When selling, some might consider painting their property before listing it, this makes a big difference but it is of course not necessary in most cases. I like to go into a home and help guide people with what their best options are, as I know it can be overwhelming and almost impossible for most to look at their own place objectively. Sometimes all it takes is repositioning some furniture, replacing a few worn out items and doing a bit of a declutter, this includes taking down personal photos. It is amazing what some fresh flowers, pots of herbs and a couple of aesthetic adjustments can do to change the value of your property and make your home more desirable to buyers or renters.

Styling your home is part of the service I will always provide my clients who are looking to sell. It is what sets me apart from other agents and I am deeply proud of being able to help people in this way.

It is a small investment for the promise of a great return and I couldn’t advise it more.

If you’d like to sell your home quicker and secure a higher offer, then get the ball rolling with Vicky.

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