Growing Family

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24th October 2019

Growing Family It’s been a busy year for me both at home and at Mr

Growing Family

Growing Family

It’s been a busy year for me both at home and at Mr and Mrs Clarke. My two families have grown…

At home we have welcomed a newborn into the family and it has changed my life beyond my wildest dreams. Being a father of two is something I didn’t think would happen and it fills my heart with pride every time I think about it. I am lucky to have such a great family and it’s exciting to sit and watch the two of them and think about the fun we will have and the adventures we will share.

A similar prides washes over me when I think of the growing family at Mr and Mrs Clarke. We are honoured to have been joined by new Partners across the country and we are passionate about supporting them and sharing ideas to allow them to flourish. Every time a sale goes through or new home is listed we all have a warm feeling to confirm what we are doing is right – it’s not a fatherly pride, more of a brotherly respect.

I’m not planning on having more children but we have very ambitious plans on growing the Mr and Mrs Clarke family…

If you’re interested in becoming a part of an incredibly positive, supportive and enthusiastic team then please join us.

Paul, Mr Clarke