Meet Debra

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19th January 2021

We searched for a Head of Talent who reflected what we wanted in an estate

Meet Debra

We searched for a Head of Talent who reflected what we wanted in an estate agent; bags of experience in property, a stylish and hard-working approach, an entrepreneurial spirit and a lovely person. We found the perfect person in Debra Tuck.

I love homes and people. It’s what my world has always revolved around up until now and I’m so grateful it can continue this way. Mr and Mrs Clarke are destined for great things. I’m excited!

Debra Tuck

Debra Tuck joined Mr and Mrs Clarke at the start of 2021 with a simple brief – to recruit the best talent. After a decade in estate agency, Debra founded and ran a successful recruitment business, as well as bringing up her young family whilst renovating and selling seven homes in seven counties. Woah.

As the estate agency industry has shifted and the “self-employed” model has become the burgeoning modus operandi, Mr and Mrs Clarke are perfectly placed to welcome ambitious, stylish and discerningly different people to join their growing team of Partners and Associates. With Debra by our side, there is now someone here who can guide estate agents into the big new world of running their own business.

Our human-centric approach to recruitment suits Debra perfectly. Her kind manner is reassuring and her ability to listen, assimilate what she hears and then help someone on their journey is a refreshing change to anything we have experienced in recruitment.

Have a look through our discerningly different careers and if you think we’d be a perfect match, speak to Debra (now that you’ve met). She’s lovely.


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