Quiet Corner

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27th January 2021

Creating a quiet corner at home is ever so important in this climate we find

Quiet Corner

Creating a quiet corner at home is ever so important in this climate we find ourselves in. Amongst the
noise, Mrs Clarke opens up about craving quietness. Don’t be ashamed if you’re searching for it too.

As I stood on a rouge piece of LEGO this afternoon and suffered the excruciating pain – I realised I
needed to tidy up and create a little space in the house just for me. The kitchen is now a classroom,
the bedroom a Joe Wick’s workout studio and the living room a playground. I yearned for somewhere
to get away from everyone and everything to just BE. A quiet place where I can go for a little rest to
replenish and revitalise my mind. I decided to ask the others how they do it. Here is the list of creating
a little space for me they put together…

zen space

Location, location, location

Picking the right location for your zen space is very important. The inside outside aspect creates a serene and connected feeling.

I’ve set up my home workspace looking out of a window so I feel connected to the real world – not just through Zoom. Also, natural light is so important for our mental and physical well-being.


Warm fuzzy feeling

A cozy throw is always a welcome treat when you sit down on a sofa or armchair at the end of a long day of homeschooling!

It’s time to cut out plastic an look for items that are eco-friendly and kinder to our planet. I try to buy my soft furnishings from small production, carbon-neutral companies with an ethical core. I also love using vintage pieces and buying well and buying once.


cosy side table

Side note

Having a side table of some sort is a small added luxury. It’s always nice to have a place to put a glass of wine or cup of tea.

I love timeless designs that I can keep forever – I buy furniture that is built to last and I don’t mind spending on things that are built to last and are beautiful.


Sit back and relax.

A comfortable chair is the key for me. I have an old armchair in my office that is dedicated to me, and me only. We have chairs throughout the home so we can sit down and relax in any room. There is something about the act of sitting that calms everything down.


relaxed lighting

Flex it

Our homes have had to do more than ever before over the last year and with space often in short supply and high demand, furniture needs provide flexibility, comfort and beauty. We need to be able to move the coffee table to turn the living room into a gym and then the same table becomes a place to play chess.


When things quieten down on an evening I am spending a lot of time scrolling through our selection of homes to get some interior inspo and dream of where I will live next. Take a look yourself and enjoy some quiet time.

endymion road

upper ladyes hill

peckham rye