Screen-free Creativity

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17th February 2021

Being within your four walls can become a little mundane, but here are some ideas

Screen-free Creativity

Being within your four walls can become a little mundane, but here are some ideas on how to boost your creative juices, discover new things about yourself and live a happy life.



The freedom to roam, see parts of the city and countryside from a different line of sight can be so much more exciting than scrolling through Netflix. You can have a planned route, or just go for an adventure.

The weather can sometimes be challenging, however I would urge you to get out no matter what. Wellbeing is a massive aspect to cycling, asides from the exercise element. It clears my mind and gives me clarity for the rest of the day.

Free fitness is always welcome (if you don’t count the bike, the kit and the maintenance).
– Tom, Birmingham Partner

Art Therapy

I used to want to be an Art Therapist, as well as a Vet and a Naturalist (not the one you’re thinking of) however life didn’t go that way. Most of my family are either Teachers or Artists so I’ve always been interested in the latter.

Whenever I went on holiday I’d carry a sketchbook around. I noticed it’s often quicker to draw instead of write, and there’s also less pressure to be neat. Art is a very cathartic process and there’s research to prove it raises your serotonin levels.

You can buy some paints from your local art shop online and just play. I would also recommend trying lino printing!
Daniella, Marketing Manager


Check Mate


If you’re anything like me (and the rest of the nation) then you’ve probably binged The Queen’s Gambit. I’ve had a love-hate relationship with chess ever since I was young but I’ve recently rekindled the game with my son.

I now realise it’s more than just a game. If there’s anything Beth has taught me is that art, knowledge and risk are involved. Your brain will thank you and give you a good nights sleep. Boards can be super spenny, but it is a household staple. I found one on eBay for £700…Or you can play chess online with pals. It feels a lot less mundane than aimlessly scrolling.
– Mike, Cardiff & Newport Partner

Fika Time

What has got me and my family through the last year is fika. If you don’t fika, you aren’t living! Basically, fika is a daily break in Sweden, a time for a little something sweet, a coffee and conversation.

When we visited Gothenburg and Stockholm in 2019 to spend time with our estate agency heroes Alvhem, it felt as if just about everyone we met loved to fika — it’s so ingrained in Swedish culture that the word is both a verb and a noun. School kids fika, albeit with milk, and business people fika. In one of the businesses I met, showing up to a fika was a requirement.

We brought the fabulous tradition home and we now spend a little bit of time every afternoon with a coffee and a cake/biscuit/sweet treat. We make ourselves stop and we talk. Our favourite family cake is a simple yoghurt cake that we make with the kids on a morning and then we all enjoy a slice at fika time.
– Paul, Founder

fika time

Garden planning

garden planning

Of all our homegrown crops, it is our fresh herbs that make the biggest difference to the flavours that come out of the Clarke’s kitchen. The addition of homegrown tarragon to a summer salad or a fresh mint tea is so nice.

The thought of extending my veggie patch and herb garden is what’s getting me through rainy days. Grab some paper and a pen and get sketching. For inspiration I can recommend the wonderful Ula Maria – she helped us design our garden at Rose Cottage and I can’t wait to show her my latest ideas! Something I’ve learnt when planning to grow herbs: grow them in a sunny part of the garden and have them near to the kitchen.
– Alex, Co-Founder

Dog walking

Getting a fresh perspective on an area can be fun, especially when you’ve got an extra pair of legs with you. Walking my dog used to be a daily necessity but now it’s something I love to do. The ideal walk is sunny, not too hot, and a plethora of other dogs to socialise with. However, it’s also relaxing creating your own routes to the park, and it’s a great excuse to discover new paths, new smells and new friendly faces.

I’m not sure about you but seeing people out and about gets me both nervous and excited, however with a dog in tow you become automatically friends with other dog owners. We all know stroking your pet is a stress reliever, but so is getting that fresh air and exploring.
– Edd, Coventry & Kenilworth Partner

dog walking

Adding Colour

adding paint

I love these streets in my [London] neighbourhood where all the houses are painted different colours – rather like the contents of an ice cream parlour. But as the city gets richer and and the residents get ‘chicer’, those colourful, eccentric streets are disappearing. In Chelsea you can see the homes lived in by the old-timers because the colours of the front doors are so bold and terrific.

Not everyone can paint the outside of their house bright pink or lemon yellow. But if you can, embrace some colour by painting the front door in a bold tone – not garish or silly – or even if it’s some just a case of adding some fresh flowers to your hanging basket, or a fancy new door knocker. You’ll be delighted by the difference.
– Tatiana, West London Partner



The beauty of yoga is that you can do it indoors, outdoors, in the kitchen or in the bathroom – as long as you have enough space! Of course the more space you have, the more you feel you can breathe.

Whether you prefer a quiet corner, or something more upbeat, you can create an environment which suits your mood or the place you want to be.

There’s plenty of youtube videos out there, but why not try just move freely and do what you want to do – not what you’re meant to do.
– Christian, Hackney & Haringey Partner