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14th August 2020

Small places don’t have small personalities. It’s no secret that villages host interesting characters, secret

Stamford & Rutland Soul

Small places don’t have small personalities. It’s no secret that villages host
interesting characters, secret green spaces and fun vibes. Even with the new
normal taking place, you can visit boutiques, independent shops as well as
explore more under the radar attractions. Stamford & Rutland are the perfect
towns to start with. Vicky talks us through why this lovely part of the world is
still a destination, if not more so than before.

stamford baths

This bizarre time we have all collectively been through together seems to have affected each of us in different ways. One common thread in this line of work that I am in, is that I am seeing a whole lot of people calling to ask about properties in the countryside. I have had fellow Londoners ringing almost daily to enquire – not just about properties we have on, but also to get some general advice on this particular part of the world.

I have to say, I have absolutely loved speaking with each and every one of you and am so happy to have been a source of information. With that, I thought it was high time that I summed up a bit of what this whimsical part of the world is like, so that all you curious folks thinking about making a move have a one stop place to find out the little things that make Stamford and Rutland so wonderful.

People are ready to live a more rural lifestyle with garden space to grow their own veg and possibly keep a couple chickens!

Vicky Floros


I have been on so many walks over the last few months I can’t even count. So spoilt for choice here with Rutland Water and the various trails that lead to it and around it but also the villages that surround Rutland Water are full of public footpaths that lead to extraordinary surroundings, rolling hills and horses, meadows, sheep, streams, churches dating back to the early 1200’s. I think you can probably discover something new every single day and that to me has been my solace and comfort during this unusual time. Being close to nature in a place so saturated with history has made me reflect on all that has come before across this very land, yet all remains so beautiful; a welcome reminder that everything is going to be ok.



The sense of community throughout Stamford and the pride that goes along with it is unparalleled. Being somewhere where everyone feels responsible for its success, happiness and security is incredible. People are welcoming, kind, and very willing to open their doors and show you what makes this town so unique. I am a big supporter of independent businesses and always have been, coming from a family entirely made up of entrepreneurs and small business owners, including being one myself, I know how important it is to support local and shop local. This is prevalent and a huge part of this beautiful market town. There is something for everyone here and you will always be greeted with a warm smile while you make your way to discovering it all.



During the lockdown these local independent businesses truly had a chance to shine, and boy did they deliver! From organising to get vulnerable people their groceries right to their doors and other businesses showcasing their produce to many that would have normally gone to a big chain supermarket for their shop.

We had 1st class wine delivered by No 14. St Marys and Bat & Bottle. The customer service was stellar and selections were divine! 

Garden Of Surprises Burghley House … I’m not sure where to even start. Imagine gorgeous tranquil walks, next to a lake amongst wonderful works of sculptural art, without the chaos of a typical city garden.

Hambleton Hall is great for a cheeky glass of fizz on a Sunday. The views are second to none and the grounds are what English films are made of.

Stamford Garden Centre is an Award winning place which satisfies my interior design needs as well as my love of cooking. A one stop shop for f&b paints, fantastic fine foods & award winning meat at Simpson’s butcher! 

Bertie Arms a pub that was amazing before, but truly shined post lockdown, with amazing take away options and a system in place to make all of us feel safe and confident being out again.

Cakes & Co. have been keeping all of Stamford delightfully happy with their all natural cakes and dangerously good ice cream cups.

The Slanted Door, is a new bar and restaurant which I can’t wait to check out! 


I know there will be lots of little gems popping up here there and everywhere in Stamford. I’m always here for any advice about your home or this beautiful part of the country. 

In the meantime have a browse of some homes in and around this area…I’m that confident you’ll fall in love with Stamford & Rutland.