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12th September 2019

At first, it can be a bit disorientating to step out of London straight into

Vicky Floros

At first, it can be a bit disorientating to step out of London straight into the countryside. There’s a lot to be charmed by in Stamford & Rutland, which is why Vicky, our Stamford & Rutland Partner made the leap with her family. Her approach to this change is “strong positive energy” and so it’s no surprise that she’s settled in super quickly. The quality of life is incredibly high in this part of the world for many reasons…one is that you’re surrounded by amazing countryside. Another is the rich history; architecture, theatre, film and the arts all pay tribute to this unique area.

We sat down together and played 21 questions. We’ve decided to let you in on our conversation…

1) What are you passionate about?

People. I love to discover the world through my own exploration, but experiencing it with and through the eyes of others really excites me.

2) Very philosophical. Anything else?

Hmm well…after that, design, interiors, real estate, wine and food….in no particular order.

3) What do you enjoy reading?

This is tough! I subscribe to Architectural Digest, Elle Decor, Cereal and New Scientist so I guess at the moment it’s those. I can’t ever really only choose one of anything and the subscriptions always change.

4) What is your signature dish?

Oooooh I had to ask around for this one, it seems the consensus is that my moussaka is hard to beat…and some might call my Bloody Mary a dish that only I can concoct.

5) Nice. Are you known for anything else?

Haha I think my laugh (maybe more of a cackle) is something most people can pick out in a crowd. (not necessarily a good thing!) *Vicky laughs in a non-cackle way*

6) What makes you laugh the most?

Definitely spending time with friends having dinner parties. Reminiscing is good for the heart, and making new memories is good for the soul. My daughter comes out with some great quotes too which make me laugh…kids are great.

7) Where’s your favourite place to go on a family holiday?


8) Good choice. You’re originally from somewhere exotic aren’t you?

I’m originally from Toronto, Canada

9) Amazing! Where did you move to from there?

I love love love London and have been living in East London for just over 10 years…until recently of course!

10) What was your favourite thing about the vibe there?

East London is like most of London = full of art and culture.

11) Is that why you loved it?

A big part of my London life has always been the art scene so I will undoubtedly continue on with my regular gallery haunts.

12) Do you visit often?

I visit London all the time and my husband commutes every now and again to his recording studio, though he is now building one here in Stamford which is music to my ears as we love calling this place home.

13) Very cool! What do you get up to when you go?

Liberty London has to be in my life regularly, I could spend an embarrassing amount of time in there; the building, the products, the fabrics, the inspiration, I love all of it. It’s easily commutable from Stamford so I’m looking forward to inspiring people to live the best of both worlds!!!

14) Why did you move from East London?

The time had come for us to make a move. It just felt like it was a good time to try something new. We have a two year old and considering the lifestyle we could experience in Stamford was really attractive for us as a young family. Space, clean air, pedestrian-only gorgeous cobble-stone roads, a garden (what a luxury )  the list goes on….

15) Why did you choose to move to Stamford?

We have had the great privilege of having a very close knit group of friends in Stamford. Most grew up here, then moved to London (which is where we all met) then slowly they trickled back… this gave us the fortunate opportunity of visiting (a lot) and every time we came for a visit I just fell more and more in love with it. It was time to remortgage our London flat and so we decided to try something new…and here we are.

16) Well we for one are very happy you made the move! What is different about Stamford?

Almost everything!

17) Is it what you expected?

Even better. There is so much going on in Stamford. I am amazed at all the passionate people I meet doing really interesting things and the packed schedule at the Arts Centre is really impressive. There is no shortage of cultural events and interesting celebrations, I am so excited to get exploring!

18) Has your pace of life changed?

100% in the most wonderful way.

19) You’ve mentioned your daughter a few times. How has family life changed?

We actually have more time together now since we’re not chasing tubes and busses all day long, and the garden has made us much more relaxed. It’s so great to just open up the doors and let the little one run out and explore, a massive luxury compared to London living!

20) Have there been any challenges?

The only real challenge was one that was manifested in my own head. I was worried about leaving London, and being out of the “scene”. Once we got here it was evident that it was not that big a deal to get to and from and also it is quite obvious that Stamford has its own scene and I can’t wait to get stuck in.

21) What’s next in the life of Vicky?

I’m looking forward to meeting lots of new, lovely people and sharing inspiration. I’m thrilled to be a part of the Mr & Mrs Clarke family and can’t wait to combine my love and knowledge of interior design into one of the biggest sales and purchases of a persons life. The energy is magnetic and the vibe is like no other here. I love it!

We are thrilled to have Vicky on board. Her effortlessly cool and collective aura shines and we’re excited to be a part of the discerning Stamford & Rutland buyers and sellers home journey. 

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