What I love about Stamford

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12th November 2019

Vicky Floros is the name to know around Stamford & Rutland. Paired with her positive

What I love about Stamford

Vicky Floros is the name to know around Stamford & Rutland. Paired with her positive vibes and crafty skills, she is creating waves in this beautiful part of the country. Her experience with interior styling, and property developing has brought her to Stamford from London. Now more colour is added to her in a slower pace. Maybe it will inspire you to move to the countryside! Here’s the inside scoop. We asked Vicky Where do you go to…

The little, simple, happy things

Admire nice homes? 
Literally EVERYWHERE! I love Rutland Terrace and all the little streets around the Arts Centre.

Get home inspiration?
Usually it’s in nature or in galleries where I get all my inspiration so I guess it’s no surprise that somewhere like Miss Pickering’s flower shop inspires. It is such a whimsical little place. I was having a teeny creative block the other day and decided to pop in and buy some flowers, as soon as I walked in I felt amazing. I then went on to make several mood boards for a house I’m designing in Collyweston.

Walk amongst the Autumn leaves?
My most recent discovery Exton Exton Exton! I love walking through Hambleton Village, but honestly there is no shortage of good walks around here. Stamford Meadows is somewhere I wander through daily for a good dose of nature.

Get your creative juices flowing?
Walking through the little tiny pathways throughout town, I can’t help but get an overwhelming feeling of history which gets my senses going into overdrive.

Grab a drink?
The George if you’re up for a glass of bubbles…or a pint, Copper Room for a cocktail (the staff are so nice), The Wine Bar for a glass of red.

Get your caffeine fix?
Admittedly I was a bit worried about where I would get a really good coffee, when leaving London. Luckily there are a few great options! Scandimania the new guys in town make a proper flat white…and I love Central Café & Tea Rooms for a cuppa. Venturing a bit further, I love Stamford Garden Centre for coffee, tea & cakes. It helps that they have a fantastic butcher (Simpsons) and a gorgeous gift shop!

Discovering inspiring people & places

If you crave the big city?
I go to London all the time it is super easy, my friends here commute daily, it has been the biggest relief to know that that hasn’t been an issue at all.

Buy your birthday pressies?
Just one more thing that we are so spoilt with here! Where do I begin? ‘Iris and Violet’ for gorgeous vases. ‘You’ for lovely scented candles or soft toys for kiddies. ‘Sophie Allport’ for your ceramic loving friend. ‘Callyco’ for your haberdashery loving cousin… I mean really I can name the whole town. The independent shops here are fantastic. Christmas shopping is going to be so fun!

Treat yourself?
Loving Equilibrium for a manicure, it’s an utterly gorgeous building and the staff are ace!  Arch Label Agency is a little gem of a shop carrying some pretty fab vintage wear!

So if you or anyone you know is looking to move to Stamford & Rutland then please do get in touch. Vicky will be more than happy to suggest a lovely spot to have a chat, after all she sounds like the expert!

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