Wonderful Warwick

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24th February 2020

Kara sat at the kitchen table with a new client yesterday chatting about what his

Wonderful Warwick

Kara sat at the kitchen table with a new client yesterday chatting about what his next move was going to be. Move out to the country, soak up the fresh air, listen to bird song, grow vegetables? Or stay in Warwick. We then went through our favourite things about living in Warwick which we’ve shared below…

Interior shops

Things to do at the weekend

One of my favourite things to do is to walk around the Saturday market and pop into all the local shops. In the summer the square come alive with many of the bars having seating outside…ideal if you enjoy people watching! Going to 13Bakers has become a bit of a personal Saturday morning ritual. It’s just off the Market Square and they do the most amazing cruffins, you have to get stuck into their key lime pie too.

Local facebook group asking what peoples favourite thing to do in Warwick at the weekend. The most popular response was St Nicholas Park it has so much to do, great if you enjoy walking dogs, popular for picnics and even with all the park equipment it even has rides to keep children entertained.


Hatton and Harding has to be the best interior home shop around by far, everything is so stylish and it looks like it comes out of a magazine. It’s hard not to fall in love with everything inside. So if you are looking for a bit of inspiration or even home styling this is a must go to.

We love to strolling down Smith Street and looking at all the unique independent shops.

Eating Out

We are in Dough and Brew at least once a week. The pizzas are incredible, the beer is out of this world and you can stick head phones on the kids and let them watch a movie whilst you catch up on adult conversation. They even do Gluten free, Vegan and Vegetarian Pizzas so everyone is welcome. You can’t beat a bit of Thai at The Art Kitchen or posh Italian at Micatto though.

Local Events

Warwick has many events throughout the year with Warwick Racecourse offering Jump racing between September – May including family race day and Ladies day. Warwick castle has many events throughout the year including outdoor cinema and concerts but the best for me is the ice-skating ring. Warwicks food festival is always popular which celebrates the best local food and produce, a must visit if you are a ‘foodie’. Other events include the Folk festival, Beer festival and Thai festival, and not to forget the annual Victorian evening.

Best Sunday Lunch

If you are looking for a great Sunday lunch then it has to be the Falcon at Hatton, But book early its very popular!

thirteen bakers

I think he had made up his mind. Warwick it is.