Welcome Home

2nd January 2019 by Daniella Quaglia

We embarked on creating a home four years ago. We bought a 16th century cottage that had lingered on the market for months and it was easy to see why – unloved, dilapidated, overgrown, damp – but too us it just seemed like home. The setting was magical, the potential to create a home that was personal to us and where we could grow a family and welcome friends was overwhelming. We bought it and set about slowly changing it into a sanctuary where we could live and work and into an environment that embodied us. We hired an architect and a builder who changed the space to create rooms and areas that allowed us to live how we wanted to.

The spaces have evolved, our family has grown, we have changed the colours on the walls, added art, we have planted trees, rose bushes and a kitchen garden. Through this rewarding and reflective process we have smiled. We have a home that makes us happy.

Home is so much more than bricks and mortar, room dimensions and technical details. It is what I love about our company – we are helping people find their home. Within the frame of a house we create lifelong memories and manage our lives. It is where we wake, nourish our family, enjoy time with fiends and reflect and sleep. Home conjures up visions of harmony, love, warmth and happiness.

We believe that our home is always evolving and we are writing stories within it. We get older, new additions arrive, new friends visit, the sofa gets tattier, the floors get polished, painted, carpeted and the fabric of the house soaks up every laugh, tear and conversation.

We are as excited as ever to welcome people into their new home and we look forward to watching people smile when they see the next chapter of their life.

Welcome home.

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