9th January 2023

Well Being

Looking forward

A trip to Cornwall reminded us to look after ourselves in 2023.

The Mr and Mrs Clarke team visited Cornwall at the back end of 2022. We visited our new friends at Pentire to develop a Dry January cocktail for The Mr and Mrs Clarke Cocktail Collection. Whilst we were there we spent time chatting about the past couple of years and discussed what we learnt and how we can make 2023 a great year. Being by the sea stimulated our discussion and the waves lapping at our feet, the salty air and the changing tide seemed to make us more reflective than we would have been back at the office.

I believe wellbeing will come to the fore, in part because of the long tail of Covid-19, and in part because of the anticipated a financial backdrop of high interest rates, high inflation, cost of living struggles and the threat of strikes. Our physical and emotional health need to be cared for and we need to make time to nourish our mind and body.

We stay physically healthy when we sleep well, eat well and exercise. We stay emotionally healthy when we have positive and affirmative relationships, when we engage in work that has some meaning to us and when we feel we are engaged and excited, but not overly stressed or anxious.

The first thing that I will be embracing is drinking a little less. A Seaside and Tonic will be replacing my mid-week G&Ts. Ten days in and I’m enjoying sitting back on an evening with a Pentire and dreaming of the sand between my toes on Polzeath beach.

New homes for 2023

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