Will & Yates

Will & Yates is a gallery and lifestyle store selling paintings, prints, ceramics and vintage homewares...and we can't get enough.

Sometimes I sit here and wish I was the owner of a little homewares shop, where I could sit behind my counter and greet people into the shop and watch them browse carefully sourced antiques, art and bits. I would travel France picking up things to sell and bring them back in a big van. Artists would want to sell their art in the shop and there would always be a relaxing scented candle burning. I would leave the hustle of London to be shop owner and purveyor of lovely things.

The clever and very stylish friends Jane Will and Caroline Yates have only gone and pinched my dream at Will & Yates in Deal. I’m not bitter because they have done it far better than I could ever have done it. Their shop is a chilled out space full of treasures and beautiful art. The ladies are charming and happy to tell you stories of where things are from and the provenance if each piece.

This shop is too lovely. My credit card hurts!


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