Stamp Duty Holiday

Most of us are not going on holiday this year but the Chancellor has given Stamp Duty a holiday until 31st March, 2021. Is now the perfect time to sell? Our Founder, Paul Clarke has been featured across the press championing the Chancellor’s decision.

“A stamp duty holiday is a winning move – first time buyers, second steppers, second home purchasers and buy to let investors will all reap the benefits. Post announcement our phones have been ringing off the hook from both vendors and purchasers alike. Excitingly, we feel that the market will get an injection of fresh homes which is just what it needs.

What we’re seeing right now, in the era of the ‘new normal’, is a host of buyers moving further out of cities to secure value for money, and a more rural way of life.

Stamp duty savings may make all the difference to those who are now able to purchase their forever home from the word go. Until March 31st 2021 it will be a case of ‘fingers on the buzzers’– whilst this move by the government will fuel big life decisions, it’s a window not to be missed.”


All properties will see a saving in stamp duty. Here is a little chart thing to explain what the announcement means to you in £s, $s & pennies. Here's England's...

stamp duty holiday face

And here it is explained for Wales...

wales stamp duty holiday

Here are a few of the homes that will not be liable to any stamp duty at all.