Without an “E”

6th December 2018 by Daniella Quaglia

If I had a pound for every time I was asked over the phone “is that Clarke with a e?” I would be a wealthy chap. I’m proud of my surname – it has history, it has an English and Irish provenance that reminds me of my family and I think it has a strong sound that I like hearing. I’m not concerned if there is an “e” or no “e”, a Clarke is a Clark and I like all Clark(e)s.

Can you therefore imagine my sheer delight when we launched Mr & Mrs Clarke in the splendid town of Stamford and I discovered that an art gallery opened at exactly the same time with the same name! (no e though). This is fate, I thought. A sure sign that Clarkes are meant to be in Stamford. I marched up to the other Mr & Mrs Clark to introduce myself and I was overcome with pure joy when I met them and they were everything I hoped – charming, interesting and very stylish (all Clarkes are by the way).

Mr and Mrs Clark’s gallery takes it’s name from the iconic David Hockney painting ‘Mr & Mrs Clark and Percy’. The gallery is run by the absolutely gorgeous Roland & Sally Clark who welcome you into their brightly lit Stamford gallery, opposite The George, with a enthusiasm and knowledge that is inspirational. There is no trepidation that sometimes comes with the discovery a new gallery because Mr & Mrs Clark are relaxed and lovely people.

Wandering around the beautiful two storey space, with its blues, pinks and greens that are indicative of David Hockney, you discover the range of original works on paper, limited edition prints, original posters and books.

Take some time out of the daily hustle and bustle to browse the gallery next time you are in Stamford and drink in the atmosphere. Mr and Mrs Clark will be happy to chat.

Mr Clarke – with an e.

Mr & Mrs Clark


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