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Usually at Mr and Mrs Clarke we bang on about being the real deal. This time though, we agree faux is fab. So green up your gaff without it looking naff.

Wyld Home Krystyna MMC

We love: The fab and fun goodies amongst the moody decor.
Where: Wyle Cop, which by the way, hosts the longest stretch of independent shops in the country.
Who: Krystyna, Pip & Puffin of Wyld Home.

How did you get to where you are now?
After a career as a solicitor followed by a spell in high end retail, I decided I wanted to start up my own business with the latest realistic faux plants and flowers at its heart. Shrewsbury seemed the ideal place and when a tiny little shop in one of Shrewsbury’s historic listed buildings (on the famous road of small independents – Wyle Cop) became available I didn’t hesitate. We opened up in October 2015 with the website following quickly. 

How do you decide what to stock and what not?
With the faux flowers and plants it is totally what is the most realistic or wild and natural looking. With the interiors and decor it boils down to what stops me in my tracks and makes me want to see more. It has to be different and interesting or fun. I like making people go ‘ooooh!’

Quick game of this or that. In person or digital?
That is a hard one as the last 18 months has certainly changed things! Originally it was equally divided between the two but during the first lockdown our digital business really took flight. When our doors re-opened customers were eager to support the local small independents and we were blown away with the renewed support. A lot of our products need to be seen and touched to appreciate the quality, just like homes do, and this is where local really wins.


Favourite spot in Shrewsbury?
My favourite spot in Shrewsbury has to be walking along the river from Coleham Footbridge to Quarry Park. Whatever the season, it is beautiful and so relaxing. I also love the little passages like Grope Lane which make you feel like you are in a Dickens novel. Shrewsbury is the perfect place to call home.

How important is it to engage with the local community?
Vital! Shrewsbury is a vibrant historic market town which also has lots of tourists and the local businesses are very supportive of each other which helps keep it creative and relevant. We also stock some products made in Shrewsbury maintaining those links. Pop in and I’ll be glad to show you where everything comes from.

Where do you get home inspo from?
Instagram has some great decor ideas and home renovation projects to follow. It can be so useful in helping you to narrow down your style if you are not sure … you’ll soon notice you are following similar accounts!

Finally, which 3 gorgeous items do you think every home should have?

Trailing eucalyptus – a really versatile trailing stem which adds interest and greenery to your space. Hang it from shelves, pop it in a small pot, drape it over mirrors, use it to make bathrooms feel more spa, the list is endless. 

A simple re-cycled glass vase – classic, sustainable, stylish and so useful. 

One of our own Shropshire Hills candles – grassy and fresh, It’s just like stepping out onto the hills on an early summer day. 

wyld home MMC
wyld home mr and mrs clarke

We love it! Our home is going to be filled with lovely scents, objects and surprisingly fake plants from now on.
Thank you Krystyna for the story behind your gorgeous store, and thank you Pip & Puffin for showing us a warm welcome too.

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