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21st October 2021

A place where an idea can transport into a dreamy reality. Photography by Rachel Ghent

Wyle Blue World

A place where an idea can transport into a dreamy reality.

Photography by Rachel Ghent

We love: Being transported into what feels like someone else’s home.
Where: On the famous Wyle Cop again, but with an added secret space.
Who: Belinda is behind WYLE BLUE WORLD, and now blueBAR.

Photography by Peter Lowbridge

WYLE BLUE WORLD – that’s a fun name. Where does it come from?
The name was created whilst on a plane journey returning from South Africa. I came up with the concept for WYLE BLUE WORLD in three stages. I used Wyle because of the shops location; Wyle Cop, which hosts the longest stretch of independent shops in the country. Blue was inspired by my first holiday to Marrakesh with my son in 2015. We visited the iconic Majorelle Blue Gardens and were blown away by the beauty of the stunning gardens and the intense colour of the Majorelle Blue used throughout the gardens, so much so this colour adorns WYLE BLUE WORLD’s secret garden (also known as blueBAR). World is the concept of sourcing beautiful handmade products directly from artisans around the globe.

Your store is beautiful. The secret garden is also incredible. What came first?
I stumbled across the derelict 14th Century building in 2017 which needed total renovation… it had been a dry cleaners for 60 years! With renovations completed in July 2018, I opened the doors to WYLE BLUE WORLD – a Home and Lifestyle Store – offering the most exquisite handmade pieces by artisans from all corners of the world. Having to close the business during the c-word, I transformed my private garden into blueBAR which then opened in the summer of 2020. It became an overnight success. I expanded the blueBAR again this year and added an outdoor kitchen and courtyard café. We showcase a lot of the products by using them in the blueBAR so customers can then purchase our beautiful handmade artisan glassware, bowls, plates, trays etc.


I bet you get to meet some very interesting locals, do you have regulars?
WYLE BLUE WORLD is frequented by lots of tourists from far and wide, and many locals too. One such local is Deborah Gregson, a renowned local portrait, still life and landscape artist. She uses oils and charcoals and her work is just stunning. Another such customer is entrepreneur Vladimir who is a friend and local businessman. Originally from Serbia, he is a classically trained chef who runs two local businesses: Plant kind and Nomad. With Vlad’s inspiring food knowledge, he helped us put together the flavoursome Moroccan themed menu for everyone to enjoy at blueBAR.

When you’re not busy sourcing and entertaining, where’s your favourite place around Shrewsbury to explore?
I love to start my day walking my dog, Daisy Do, along the Quarry path of the scenic river, with the Dingle at its heart. The Quarry is Shrewsbury’s magical 29-acre parkland, encircled by the majestic loop of the River Severn. Daisy and I love this quiet time together; myself to reflect and Daisy to explore.

We have entertained over 4000 visitors this year and we’re super proud to have been featured in the Sunday Telegraph ‘top 5 places to visit in the Country’.

Belinda, creator of WYLE BLUE WORLD

merch blueBAR

Like everyone, it would be my dream to own a second home where the sun shines. I visit Marakesh regularly. From its famous palaces, 5-star restaurants, luxury spas, hammams and charming riads in the medina, it’s a place rich with culture and lovely things. The smell of spices and smoke from smouldering fires and sizzling meat make you feel like you’ve entered another world.

Belinda, WYLE BLUE WORLD Creator

blueBAR wyle blue world

Which 3 items do you think every home needs?

blown glass

My first choice would be our beautiful hand-blown glassware from Marrakesh. There’s something covetable about beautiful glasses. Although my love for gorgeous glassware isn’t new, dining is definitely all the rage at the moment. We’ve seen the art of tablescaping turn into a full-on trend, while garden dining and outdoor entertaining are at an all-time high.  

berber cushions

Every home has a sofa so my second choice would be our Berber Cushions. These have been lovingly up-cycled and handmade using salvaged pieces of vintage Moroccan rugs. We don’t want to see these beautiful vintage rugs that are too damaged or worn and no longer able to be repaired go to waste. Within each Berber rug the craftswoman tells her own unique story by weaving patterns and symbols that express her feelings. All rugs are skilfully handmade, knot by knot, in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. Traditional techniques are used that have been passed down over generations. The rugs are made from 100% natural sheep’s wool and hand dyed. Many of the dyes use natural pigments from spices and vegetables. Our cushions are truly a unique gem with their own history, ready for a new life and a new story in our customer’s home.

ceiling lighting

Finally, and the most important item, I feel in a home, is the lighting.  Homeowners often overlook lighting as an aspect of exterior and interior design. Good lighting is important to a home because it improves the mood, creating a warm and bright ambiance as opposed to gloomy and unattractive space. Our Moroccan ceiling pendants are all hand cut and hand hammered by master artisans in an elaborate geometric pattern and design. These unique and elegant moorish pendant lights blended with contemporary design create an elegant ambience letting light shine through the intricate metalwork.

At Mr & Mrs Clarke, we actively encourage exploration and adventure. We won’t lie, this is one of the prettiest and heartwarming stores we’ve ever visited…blueBAR is a welcome addition!

WYLE BLUE WORLD is a must for everyone who is visiting Shrewsbury locally or from afar.

Photography of WYLE BLUE WORLD interior by Rachel Ghent
Photography of blueBAR by Peter Lowbridge

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