Creating Home

19th April 2017 by Daniella Quaglia

Our homes are more than bricks and mortar, they are places we can invite friends in and shut the world out. They are private sanctuaries and they provide a sense of community. The way we shape our lives start at home and by creating a environment that is comfortable empowers us. It is our job to show homes off in an inspiring way and it is a role we take very seriously.

The obsession with homes is everywhere from magazine shelves to social media and it sparks the creative spirit amounts homeowners. Be it Pinterest or Living Etc we spend hours poring over other people’s houses to get ideas on how to create or re-create our properties into the homes we want. The beautifully styled and carefully curated images allow us to make our homes better for us.

When we first visit a house we try to imagine how people will want to see it when it is online. Buyers of homes want to click on Rightmove or Zoopla and see their potential new home through rose tinted glasses. They was to be inspired to make plans and start dreaming of their future. It is something that we take very seriously and if you take a look at the homes we sell you will see that we have taken time and care to show buyers their new home in a positive way.

Take a look at thousands of properties on the market with other estate agencies and you will be disappointed to see out of focus images with furniture that is distorted because of the wide angle lens that has been employed. You will see messy bedrooms, dirty kitchens and bland gardens. Our agents spend a day at every new home they are selling to style and capture the life of the home. It is one of the discerningly different services we offer and it makes life that little bit more enjoyable.

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