Leek Wootton

Leek Wootton

The semi Rural dream

I like a triangle. All those different angles, lengths and mathematical equations. I like the uniformity of the equilateral as well as the quirky scalene. The Bermuda Triangle has always bemused me. I once travelled the Golden Triangle in India but I have a new favourite. The LWK Triangle.
Created by Leamington, Kenilworth and Warwick The LWK Triangle is the triangle of the moment. Each of the points have a special quality; Leamington is the buzzing, cosmopolitan corner, Warwick is the Historical, fiercely independent corner and Kenilworth is where Waitrose and a Michelin Star restaurant sits. Along each edge of the LWK Triangle are motorways, train lines and A roads to travel along to destinations far and wide. But it is in the middle of the now infamous LWK Triangle where the magic happens… Leek Wootton sits slap bang in the centre of the triangle. A village with a cracking pub, great school, gorgeous countryside and a country club. Who needs any other triangle when you have the LWK?

Lovely Leek Wooton

Whilst sipping on a flat white at The Warwickshire Country Club I thought I’d ask one of the Sweaty Betty wearing yummy mummies why this village was the place to be seen. I can walk the little darlings to school and be in the pilates class by 9am. I can then pop into Waitrose in Kenilworth and meet the girls for lunch in Leam easily. The Labradoodle gets a walk across the golf course while the cleaner is over and we all meet hubby for supper at The Anchor after he has got off the train from London. Leek Wootton is so well located.
Well what more could you want? Friendly village and close to transport links and towns? This is what us estate agents like to call semi-rural.

  • Closest village/town: Kenilworth, Warwick and Leamington are close
  • Stores: Lots of great shope in Kenilworth
  • Supermarket: Waitrose in Kenilworth or Sainsburys in Warwick
  • Pubs: The Anchor is a CRACKER
  • Walks: Endless countryside walks
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