Luxurious Lickey End

Luxurious Lickey End

Well connected & friendly

What are the ingredients of the perfect place for a modern family live? Here’s what we think…

Great schools – if you have little ones then education is at the top of the list. Around here you are blessed with outstanding options like Lickey End First school, Blackwell, Lickey Hills Primary and the the unbelievable Bromsgrove School is within reach.
Friendly community – nice places attract nice people and in turn a develops a strong community. In Lickey End we are yet to meet someone who we don’t like, everyone says “hello” and there is an active online community group that looks out for people.
Green but close to town – we love that you can be chatting to the cows and picking blackberries on the morning dog walk and then be at your desk in Brum within 30 minutes. This is a very well connected part of the world.

The perfect place to call home

Things are close by – if you want a pint of milk then you can nip to the local store but we usually head to M&S in Longbridge where we can have a glass of Prosecco at the in-shop bar (I know!) and have a browse. There are also some great pubs like The Forest, which is perfect at the end of a long dog walk.

It might just be us but we think Lickey End is the perfect place to call home.

  • Closest village/town: Barnt Green is lovely
  • Post Office: 1
  • Stores: Lots of local places, Bromsgrove is close as is Longbridge
  • Supermarket: We head to M&S food in Longbridge
  • Pubs: The Forest is our favourite
  • Walks: Endless countryside walks with the dog
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