Mon Bank

Mon Bank

A lovely new place

The development is in a splendid location, right next to the grand Victorian Bellevue Park and the hospital. It will enjoy a brand new school that will become the catchment primary school for this area. The transport links with easy access in minutes to the motorway, as well as a bus line which heads into town. So if you have a car, all you need to do is park in the car park and you’ll be enjoying your surroundings in seconds.

There’s the perfect mix of being close to the centre, as well as feeling as though you’re in your own bubble here. Explorer days out are a must – National Trusts Tredegar House and Park are just down the road and make for an excellent picnic spot and bird watching venue. So even though everything looks sparkly and new, you’ve got nature surrounding you.

Town and country at it's finest

There’s lots of hidden gems, like the trampoline park and some cute cafes where you can sit out in the sunshine, or cosy up inside on a rainy day. This is a great location for a growing family.