An enigma

A Michelin starred restaurant on a parade of shops! That kind of sums up Moseley for us. It’s unpretentious yet achingly cool, it’s down to earth but very smart, there is a new Marks & Spencer Food Hall opening but you can shop independent, it’s a village but part of the second city. Moseley is a true enigma and that is what makes it a very special place.
I’m sure you have all read that Moseley is the best place to live in the UK (as voted for by The Sunday Times since 2014) but what does that actually mean? In true Mr and Mrs Clarke style let us show you why it is a truly great place to live starting with Mrs Clarke’s’ view…
I am spoilt for choice on so many important aspects of life. The choice of schooling is as incredible as my choice of where to meet the girls for coffee. Education-wise the primary and secondary schools are very highly rated and the private options are exceptional. Talking coffee I like Cafephilia and the cheese and ham toastie for breakfast is a thing of beauty. After dropping the kids off at school and having a coffee my morning is taken up by walking the dog and shopping, two things I can do without having to get in the car. We run around Moseley Bog, our local 30 acre Nature reserve, or maybe saunter through Birmingham’s only private park, Moseley Park and Pool, then after a shower and a stroll through the village it’s time to pick the kids up and make tea for Mr C.

Great schools, buzzing culture and cheese toasties

Mr Clarke has two things on his mind… Work and Beer. I can be on Colmore Row within fifteen minutes, either riding my bike or driving. I don’t bother going into town for a Saturday night with the chaps, they come to meet me at The Prince of Wales. This pub feels like a Carlsberg advert and I promise you that you will not fail to be amazed by the shenanigans and sights that you will be treated to at one of the best boozers in the World (I’m not exaggerating!).
Schools, pub, transport and shopping done. The final point about Moseley to make is that it has a restaurant with a Michelin Star. I know! That is pretty serious. However, Carters is not a pretentious, foodie mecca where everyone has to stand to attention, it is one of the loveliest local restaurants we have ever been to and it is run by one of the nicest restaurateurs in Holly and the coolest chef/TV star Brad (Mr Clarke has serious beard envy). The Mr and Mrs Clarke Christmas party was held at Carters last year and if we could eat at one restaurant for the rest of our lives we would choose this one.
In summary, we understand why it is the best place to live in the UK, what we don’t understand is why it hasn’t been voted as the best place to live in the World.

  • Closest village/town: It is a village
  • Post Office: 1
  • Stores: Lots of independent shops
  • Supermarket: Sainsburys is in the village, Waitrose is 3 miles away and M&S is coming...
  • Pubs: The Price of Wales is our favourite
  • Walks: Head to Moseley Bog
  • :