Noel Park

Noel Park

There is something very special about this place

We’ve always loved Noel Park, maybe because it has a story and maybe because the community is just so friendly. This is a place that has soul and if you live here you will understand what we mean.

Laid out by the Artizans’, Labourers’ and General Dwellings Company between 1883 and 1907. The estate was named after the company’s chairman, Ernest Noel MP who led the transformation of the 100 acres of farmland belonging to Dovecote House (also known as Ducketts) into homes for working people. The estate’s architecture is distinguished by the turret-like gables surmounting many corner houses and some of these seem to have been designed to resemble dovecotes in honour of the farm that they replaced.

For the workers

A short hop step and jump from Noel Park you find yourself in Wood Green, which is a bustling little corner of London that has everything you could possibly need… and more beyond.

Ally Pally is across the road, Crouch End & Muswell Hill a little further beyond and, if they aren’t enough for you, then hop on the bus or the Piccadilly Line and you will be in the middle of town quicker than you can read the Evening Standard.

  • Stores: We love Blue House Yard, N22 - boutiques, artists studios and tap room.
  • Supermarket: Lidl, Morrisons, Tesco and Sainsbury's all have large stores nearby
  • Pubs: The Westbury and Westbury Avenue.
  • Walks: Up to Ally Pally and around the park.
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