Great pub and great community

If it is village life that you want but you also need to be close to an urban hub to grab a flat white then Offchurch will suit you perfectly. The village is picture postcard stuff, it is like living in the movie The Holiday – you can play Jude Law or Kate Winslett. The homes are all gorgeous, the locals are friendly and all like like extras from The Holiday! There is lots of Barbour, every other car is a Land Rover and you are always greeted with a warm smile when out walking the dog. This is village life.

But what about that flat white! Do not fear. Leamington is only three miles away and there are plenty of great cafes to get your caffeine fix.

A village with personality and charm

The Stag is the local boozer. It is the perfect blend of local drinkers and visiting foodies. The bar staff are all charming and after a few weeks your “usual” will be waiting for you on that 7.30pm “oh I’m just popping out with the dog darling”!

You are connected to London via the train station in Leamington or the M40, Birmingham Airport is not far, neither is the M1. So we think you are pretty well served from transport links.

Local schools, both private and state, are great, there are lots of clubs for kids to join locally and sports team for all ages to join.

  • Stores: Leamington is a shoppers paradise.
  • Supermarket: All the biggies are close, but everyone gets deliveries around here.
  • Pubs: The Stag is the dream.
  • Walks: Endless countryside walks along the canal
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