Victoria Park

Victoria Park

Time to explore

Across Victoria Park’s 218 acres you’ll discover tennis courts, a bowling green, fountains, cafes and lakes. It’s bordered by Regent’s Canal so there’s plenty of directions you can head to explore the different parts of the city. It’s no surprise All Points East (one of our favourite festivals EVER) takes place in this part of London. This is a highlight for music lovers and locals.

One of our lazy days spots is the Chinese Pergoda. Did you know it was popped here in 1847?! It has undergone renovations recently – we’re not lying…promise.

An unsung hero

Victoria Park, on either side of the canal, is a cool place to live. A mix of old and new, with modern new build wharf buildings juxtaposed against Georgian terraces, the unique design language of the area ignites a spark for all who visit, and for those who stay and live, it is a serene water dream, with terraced views to lift your spirits.

Victoria Park Village is leafy and gorgeous to say the least. Tree-lined Georgian and Victoria terraces adorn the streets, as well as delis (check out Downstairs Deli) and nice coffee spots (Gail’s Bakery is always buzzing). You could always head to Roman Road gallery for exclusive openings and upcoming artist exhibitions, post brunch.