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For a long time I have felt as though Cambridge needed a different kind of estate agency. Now here it is. I am delighted and excited to be the discerningly different partner for this charming city.


Having grown up in the west of France and recently spent a year in the Alps, I have been surrounded by beautiful architecture and amazing people. With its famous punting, beautiful tree-lined roads, gloriously grand architecture, pretty parks and cute surrounding villages, Cambridge is more than a university city. There’s always something new to explore. It offers the perfect place to live. The ideal balance between the hustle of city life and the peace of country living.

You will often see me riding my bike around town, caffe latte in hand after the school run. I love the opportunity of bumping into people and having a chat, pottering around the local shops and cafes on the market square or up and down Mill Road, catching up with my friends over a coffee, generally soaking up the ambience. 

An estate agency like Mr and Mrs Clarke is the perfect partnership for me. It focuses on homes rather than square footage, on a caring approach. Because people are not a number. Having previously worked in translation agencies, for luxury brands, I have always enjoyed making sure my clients get exactly what they asked for. Every home has a story, and I feel immensely proud to help translate people’s aspirations into reality. Because I know Cambridge intimately, I feel perfectly placed to help clients and buyers move on, up and forwards in this beautiful part of the world. 

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