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Steph and Paul are a formidable partnership – a mix of style, experience and charm – they are the Mr and Mrs Clarke version of Phil & Kirstie! If you are looking for a tenacious, meticulous and good fun estate agent then Paul and Steph are the team for you. 

Mr Clarke

Why would you want to live anywhere else? Herefordshire and Malvern Hills are beautiful and we know the best boutiques to shop in, the top pubs to drink in and the only restaurants to be seen in. If you want the lowdown on schools, dog walks and most importantly property then we can help.


I moved to Malvern in the early 60s, I attended school and worked alongside the beautiful Malvern Hills almost all of my life. I fell into the Estate Agent industry by total coincidence. My travel agency career came to an abrupt end for reasons out of my control…it was just that time in English history. I had popped travel documents to the manager of my local branch of Connells, who after hearing about the loss of hours offered me a job as a negotiator. I was lucky enough to have my interview with Ken Waller, CEO and we hit it off straight away. Fast forward a few weeks later and I started my new role and loved it! Within six months I became Acting Manager, and was promoted to Branch Manager just 5 months after that. I love seeing happy faces, which is why I haven’t looked back since.

Having worked in the industry for almost 20 years, with 9 years in the Edinburgh property market, I have amassed a wealth of  knowledge and experience to ensure I give a first class service to discerningly different clients. I love meeting people in their homes and explaining why I am different: I have an absolute passion for my role, giving people the best traditional estate agency experience but using all the modern methods available to ensure that they get the very best service. Being local gives the added benefit of being on hand to help with any fears or questions, 7 days a week. After all our clients are selling their biggest assets!


I have lived in the South Worcestershire area for over 25 years. I now reside in the quaint village of Upper Strensham which is settled near the beautiful Malvern Hills. Lucky me!

I have always had a passion for property and people. I guess it was when my partner, Sophie, and I were looking for a new home. We viewed many houses along the way, and it became very apparent to us was that we were left feeling somewhat disappointed and frustrated by the service provided from the “traditional” and “outdated” estate agency industry. I knew I could provide a much better and professional service. Although, on one of our property viewings, I was particularly impressed with one agency. During the conversation, I mentioned that I had some experience of property developing and renting which further evolved into a reality. My skills over the years within the medical sales industry transferred with ease in terms of meeting and engaging with people on an approachable but professional manner, negotiating, planning and managing a territory.

I want to provide our clients with the best discerningly different experience from valuation to exchange, after all it is one’s most valuable asset and it should be treated as such.

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