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Norfolk is open to embracing the new and better. Norwich was the first city to trial postcodes in 1959; a truly disruptive innovation that changed the course of daily life.


This astoundingly rich and varied county is a trove of hidden gems; it is both beguiling and embracing in its landscape and community vibe. Having lived globally in Moscow, Singapore and now the East of England, I am proud to call Norfolk my home.

From provincial cities to London living itself, in rural settings, with Norfolk in particular offering an abundance of house styles and settings, I have resided in new builds,  apartments, barns and renovation projects to name just a few. Every place I’ve lived has offered a unique and exciting experience and every house type, an appreciation of the style of living on offer. Through partnering with Mr & Mrs Clarke I’m continuing to nurture my passion for place, collaborating with home owners who share that same sense of excitement for their homes and the local area.

When not on my bike exploring Norfolk’s misleading ‘flat’ terrain, you’ll still find me enjoying the vast countryside or wandering through villages and boltholes, admiring the array of lovely properties, including Norfolk’s wonderful round towered churches, which are to be marvelled at.

From Holkham to the Norfolk Broads… with Wells, Holt, Wymondham, Norwich and more, borrowing from the unmistakable lyrics of David Bowie’s “Life on Mars” never felt so apt. Norfolk celebrates its sense of community across its 90 miles of beautiful, varied coastline and in land, in its towns and cities. Countryside, city life and that invigorating beach breeze meld together in this off-the-beaten-track county. It’s a pleasure to live here and even more so, to find new homes for our clients.

It is in my nature to question the norm and seek out the exceptionally different. Curiosity and uncovering insights are my tools for finding people a place to belong in this fine county, discovering the best in people and the places they call home. As a partner I’m excited to see how I can find solutions to people’s unmet needs and deliver a bespoke service for those in their home selling and buying journey.

So, why Mr & Mrs Clarke? They’re disruptors, challenging a traditional industry to do better for its clients, and to raise the bar for future generation home owners. As a partner, I bring my experience in sales and marketing, as well as my love of travel and discovery to the kitchen table, harnessing my love of home design and the power of community to discover houses that deliver something special. With MMC I am enlivened by the brand’s spirit and dedication to people, and embrace finding them homes in which they can express themselves and have a chance to live their best lives.

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