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Shropshire & Staffordshire

Home, to me, is the smell of freshly brewed coffee or a pot of steaming hot tea (I’m something of a tea and coffee enthusiast), gatherings in the kitchen around the table and celebrating family life.

tish baden-sidhu

With nine years in the estate agency industry, working for corporate and independent brands, including a luxury real estate company, joining Mr and Mrs Clarke is an incredibly exciting new chapter that plays to my love of design and the deep connection I feel to people and place. I’m happiest in those truly personal moments, where I can guide people through their home buying or selling journey with a unique, patient and compassionate service that taps into what really makes you tick.

Meeting clients and understanding their needs from their homes, both present and future, is a privilege and joy to see the happiness that can come from finding that sweet spot that feels like home.

Home is what you make it and how you express yourself within it. For me, I embrace my home through design; little updates to the home can create big evolutionary changes to the way we live and this fascinates me. I practice positivity and high vibrations in my own home, through crystals and hot yoga. However we can centre ourselves to find inner peace and sanctum is good with me. I’m also always on the hunt for great Japanese food – one of my absolute favourite cuisines. A note to my clients – recommendations on the best Japanese spots to eat are always welcome!

If I’m not at home in the kitchen cooking (and chatting) up a storm, you might spot me outdoors walking a trail around South Staffordshire, embracing the beauty of my local area in Shropshire, hopping from coffee shop to independent boutique or finding tranquil family spots to enjoy with my two daughters. Adding to the Baden-Sidhu clan, we have a blue dapple dachshund pup who will no doubt be keen to feature in home photoshoots – clean paws of course!

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