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I believe homes aren’t characterised by the architect who built them, or the road they reside on. Instead, they are defined by the people who live, breathe and love them. I sell homes not houses, speciality not square footage.


Ben Evans - Mr and Mrs Clarke Birmingham

Fresh from dropping his two sons off at school, Ben Evans is pinging out emails to his clients, Whatsapping Mrs Evans about what recipe he’s trying out for dinner that night, and then speaking to his mates about the weekend’s golf trip. This is the epitome of the modern man.

Ben brings oodles of property experience to Mr and Mrs Clarke – having been Managing Director of an amazing agency in Birmingham for many years he knows everything that his clients and customers are going through when they are selling, buying, letting and renting a home.

What we are just a little bit in awe of is his calming charm and his ability to gently handle every situation with ease. “I’m a details man! I’m fastidious with all the little bits to ensure that there is an elegant result on every deal I work on.” Explains Ben.

Mr Evans exudes positivity and he is the perfect exponent of the law of attraction, which states that positive thoughts manifest themselves in positive outcomes: “If Ben tells you that you’re going to do something, it is going to happen.” Says Mr Clarke. “We can’t think of a better person to manage the complex part of selling or letting a home – it takes hard work and patience, traits Ben has in abundance.”

“I hadn’t imagined I would be recommending an Estate agent. Ben Evans at Mr & Mrs Clarke changed my preconceived ideas. We had moved on from other Estate agents in frustration. Mr & Mrs Clarke proved to be creative, knew how to photograph a property to best effect and worked well as a team to get our the house on the market.

Rather than dropping the price to gain more interest, they choose to think of ways to upsell the special features and lifestyle our house had to offer.” 5 Star Trust pilot review from Mrs Elkin, Lapworth

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