Vicky Floros

Stamford & Rutland

I have worn many hats throughout my career in various creative industries, including interior styling and real estate. The common denominator through it all is my passion for people. I’m excited to seamlessly combine this along with my love of design & property as a Partner at Mr & Mrs Clarke.

Vicky Floros

When asked to be described by my friends and peers, the words resourceful, creative, and passionate came up quite a bit. I’m happy with these and think they sum me up pretty well. I would say those qualities are part of what helps me truly understand what sells in property, and how I offer a unique service with first hand knowledge of the market.

My career has moved from managing artists internationally, through skilfully curating immersive exhibitions and experiences for my own theatrical events company and finally to property developing, which I thoroughly enjoy and feel my absolute happiest. Few things excite me more than home transformation; where I can apply my years of creative direction onto the interior design and home staging platform. I always approach things with my trademark sensitivity and understanding in order to give my clients a stress-free journey.

Being a part of Mr & Mrs Clarke allows me to bring my interior styling experience together with being the guiding light to help my clients in Stamford and Rutland sell their homes for more, and sell faster. It is my mission to help homeowners and property developers exceed their ultimate goal with the sale of their property by helping them realise its full aesthetic potential. Staging property is the key to all of this and I have set out to change the way people think about their homes when they put them on the market. I want to help you maximise your property’s potential value while completely alleviating any worries the thought of selling might give you.

I truly understand and adore property in this gorgeous part of the world. So if you’re looking to sell your home in and around Stamford and Rutland I’d love to chat with you and show you the value that I can bring to your journey.

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