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For me, experience and emotion come hand in hand when finding that sweet home spot. My background in marketing and business development, with a focus on hospitality, means I have nurtured a deep commitment to ‘sense of place’ in everything I do. 

emma da silva

Warwickshire born and bred, I have worked and lived across the UK, counting London, Surrey, Bath and Hertfordshire among my former stomping grounds. Warwickshire for me, though, has and always will hold a certain magic in its landscape and lifestyle, that speaks to me.

Exploration of town and country is, for me, the best way to inhale the beauty of a place and, along with my son, you can find me taking on nature trails and visiting country parks around us. Warwickshire is abundant with history, from castle to vineyard and the pomp and ceremony (in the best way) of Stratford upon Avon, I simply cannot get enough.

I adore travelling, both close to home and overseas as a family; everything from glamping (but of course) to five-star hotels on city breaks to beach holidays. There really is no better feeling than discovering charming vacation spots on your doorstep. I’m a keen yogi, so you will often find me practising daily meditations. Just a quiet 10 minutes is all I need to realign and centre myself for the adventures ahead, both physical and mental. Time spent in an ashram in Kerala, India, has only indulged my love of yoga more.

This sense of calm and balance is what I endeavour to discover in new spaces for our discerning home owners. Peace and harmony in the home, combined with a dash of madness and vitality, the ebbs and flows of a house, makes for a wondrous abode and I know that this is just waiting to be discovered in Warwickshire.

I have worked with luxury hospitality brands and beautiful stately homes, recognising and elevating the beauty and wonder in every place. I hope to do the same with every home I discover at Mr & Mrs Clarke.

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