Is flexible working right for you?

The Telegraph, 17th September 2019


Paul Clarke, 35, Warwick

Owner of Mr and Mrs Clarke, estate agent;

Hours per week: 25-100

The idea for the business came when my wife and I were buying and selling a house. We couldn’t believe how rubbish estate agents were and thought we could do better. From the start it made sense to work flexibly. People want to look around houses at evenings and weekends – not nine to five.

So it’s important that we have a flexible team, too. We have six self-employed agents who cover a patch each, a concierge team who man the phones, who are all mothers, and our sales director, who is doing up a house and so appreciates being able to do bits of that in the day, and work when clients need him. We also have a non-exec director who has just left corporate life. He has older children who he can now take to school and a two-year-old who he can spend more time with.

He says that he feels like a better father and he loves it. Personally, I feel lucky to have a child and I want to spend as much time as possible with her – while growing our family business.

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