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At Mr and Mrs Clarke we truly believe that people shape spaces.

The choices, tastes and vision of the homeowner mould a property into a home. A home filled with interest, quirks and style choices. Our task as estate agents is to hero the homeowners’ decisions and bring each home to life in the minds of the viewer.

We achieve that through a unique mixture of experience, creativity and honesty. From bespoke photography to custom copy-written descriptions and interior styling, we champion the home. Sharing its value with the world and empowering homeowners to take the next step on their journey.

Seeing is believing

Good photography is nice. Great photography instantly connects with the viewer and places them in the centre of the home. Our photography shares so much more than just dimensions. Our considered and crafted photographs share what life is like within a home; how the light falls, the playful interactions between space and shadow. We really care how our clients’ homes are portrayed to the world just as much as they do.

Style and homes go hand in hand. We understand the value of beautifully styling homes so that they’re always looking their best in the photography. As part of our discerningly different service, we offer interior styling for the properties we sell. From positional placement for maximum impact, to beautifully considered furniture, we do whatever it takes to bring your home to life.

Seeing really is believing. Our photographers are chosen for their skill and expertise; their ability to share space through the medium of imagery. If you would like to keep up-to-date with the latest home styling trends, follow us on Instagram.

As a society, we are genuinely interested in aesthetics, great design and other people’s lifestyles. Selling a beautifully crafted and loved home sits at the intersection of those three cultural interests. That’s where we as a modern estate agency fill the gap in the market – we don’t just sell square feet, we share through imagery what it’s like to be a part of that home.

Luke Taylor – Brand Director

Let’s start with an informal chat

Let’s start with an informal chat

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We currently have properties for sale across the UK, and always on the look out for discerningly different homes wherever they may be.

“The Instagram agency”

The Sunday Times, 2018

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The whole process with Mr and Mrs Clarke has been so much fun. It was lovely that an estate agent understood how to speak to me like a human being, and appreciated the effort and love I had put in to create my home.

Lauren, Oxfordshire

Selling someone’s home is a huge responsibility, they have so many memories in that space. It’s my privilege to positively share a part of the homeowners’ lives with the world. 

Michael Lancaster-Clark, South east london Partner

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